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Fangamer has announced that Junji Ito-inspired indie horror game World of Horror will get a physical release for Switch.

You may remember World of Horror as a game that has been sitting in my dubious backlog for quite a while now. It launched in early access back in 2020. It bills itself as a love letter to H.P. Lovecraft and Uzumaki mangaka Junji Ito. It is very “legally distinct” from Junji Ito’s style. Like, this game was developed because no one else was making a Junji Ito game and the developer got tired of waiting, so they made their own. It’s sort of a visual horror RPG.

World of Horror Fangamer
Image via Fangamer

The physical version being offered by Fangamer is mercifully subdued. I don’t need more giant boxes full of merchandise I don’t use. World of Horror just comes with an instruction manual with an art card. It’s set to ship out October 19, 2023, the same day that it comes out of early access and releases on Switch.

I used to buy a lot from Fangamer back in the day, back when they sold “legally distinct” video game merchandise. I still wear T-shirts I bought from them more than ten years ago. Then the Canadian loonie lost parity with the greenback, so I only buy sporadically now. They’ve gone all legitimate with real licensing, though. I’m so proud of them.

You can currently get World of Horror in its Early Access state on PC. It will be releasing fully on PC and Switch on October 19, 2023. That’s the same day that the physical version will release, but you can preorder now.

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