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It feels like we’ve been seeing a lot of Kate Middleton recently. Way more than usual, if we’re being totally honest. The Princess of Wales has been spotted at a number of public events and royal engagements over the course of the last several weeks, and her duties just seem to keep piling up. But there’s a very clear reason why Kate’s had so much on her plate, and it all has to do with longevity of the monarchy.

“She’s taking on more engagements than ever before,” an insider shared with OK! Magazine. “She feels like it’s more important than ever for the monarchy that she’s seen out and about and that people don’t just associate her with relaxing all summer.” Now, we’d be hard pressed to find a reason to assume Kate spends all summer relaxing — like there’s an off-season for royal family life. But her consistent public appearances have made one particular member of the royal family very happy.

“King Charles is so happy that Kate wants to take on extra events and duties,” the source continued. “Especially because the British people are more able to come out and see her in the summer, so she’s getting to be with an audience who waits all year for time off to meet her.” Indeed, Kate and her husband Prince William represent the future of the monarchy, and having a very public-facing presence feels more important than ever for the Waleses.

In just the last few days, we’ve seen Kate in the royal box at Wimbledon, at a polo event with her husband, and in a video for the National Health Service Charities Together’s tea party celebrating their 75th birthday. It’s already been a busy summer for Kate, and we’re sure this is just an indication of the work she’ll continue to do as the Princess of Wales.

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