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It seems the fight between Vanna White versus the Wheel of Fortune executives may be taking a turn for the worse with what these sources claim. Insiders told the Daily Mail that amid the negotiations, White is now under the impression that the executives think she’s “replaceable” because of her lack of “clout.”

The insider claimed that the Vanna White Wrapped In Love author “was disappointed that they didn’t give her more of a chance to take over Pat’s job, or that she wasn’t able to give her two cents on the replacement. She didn’t assume they would be making the announcement of his replacement so soon.”

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White previously took over the show back in late 2019 when Pat Sajak had his health scare, so many people were just as shocked when Ryan Seacrest was set to take on Sajak’s new vacant role.

This sudden decision has made White believe the execs think she’s “replaceable.”

“It is a major uphill battle, especially when money is involved and she sees the writing on the wall that they think she is replaceable. There will be lots of negotiations, but if she gets replaced and is not given a new contract, she will be beyond heartbroken,” the insiders added. “This has been her life, it would be just as powerful as a death if she doesn’t continue with the show.”

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They also noted that while negotiations are continuing, White reportedly believes she doesn’t have the “clout” she had before, and because of that, she is “no longer bulletproof.”

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For those unaware, White has been working on extending her contract and getting a raise. The world’s most famous letter-turner hasn’t had a raise in 18 years, and she makes five times less than Sajak. While she earns $3 million a year, he brings in around $15 million per year. While White isn’t fighting for equal pay, she wants a bigger raise, and is fighting hard, despite her employers frequently denying her.

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