UK Games Expo has a lot of Great things to see


UK Games Expo has a lot of great things to see, experience and be a part of. I only got to be a part of very little of it, there simply wasn’t enough time. But it’s great that there are so many different things to do there. There’s something for everyone: interesting seminars, several open gaming areas (along with game library) for both adults and kids, new releases, demos of upcoming games and lots of booths to buy even more great games.

New releases – All the new stuff
I had the pleasure of playing and getting my hands on some game releasing for the first time at the expo. Along with other games recently released. Some of the highlights of the newly released games include Multiuniversium, Beyond Baker Street, Guilds of London and The Networks. These where far from the only games released there, but there simply was not enough time to get to try them all out.

Demos – The great things to come
The only thing better than getting your hands on just released games, is trying out upcoming ones. I only had a chance to try out two games that fall into that category: Nine Worlds and Colony. Again I know there where many more demos but had to pick and chose only the things I absolutely had to try.

Seminars – So many interesting people
Before the expo I had printed out lists of the seminars I wanted to attend, I knew I would not be able to go to all of them (if I would have I would have had no time to look at and play games). But I did mange to go to a few of them. An interesting seminar about innovation in gaming where Eric Lang shared his insights and the Wyvern’s Lair where I got to watch hopeful designers pitch their game idea to publishers.

Open gaming – All the gaming you can ever want
While I only get to use the open gaming areas after the main expo was closed I had a great time. The areas where massive, and even though so many people where playing, finding a table was not impossible. I had a chance to try out a few prototypes and play some of the new games I acquired during the day.

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