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A program for the Twitch elite?

Recently, it was announced that Twitch would be improving its revenue splits through what’s being called the Partner Plus program. This means streamers will be entitled to a 70/30 split instead of the current 50/50, providing they meet certain requirements.

However, while it’s generally been accepted that this is a step in the right direction, more than a few content creators are concerned about the upcoming program. Speaking to Eurogamer recently, a number of streamers say they feel the scheme is “anti-community,” with concerns that a lot of people who regularly use Twitch to stream will struggle to qualify.

Twitch Partner Joesephyr said the new program is “unattainable for the majority,” a sentiment that seems to be shared by others. They added that while it seems to be a “gesture of good faith,” the criteria that need to be met in order to enter into Partner Plus is something a lot of streamers will find difficult.

How does one qualify?

In June, Twitch said that come October 2023, the new program will go live. For content creators to be able to be welcomed into Partner Plus, there are a few stipulations. The first is that streamers must have at least 350 recurring subscriptions for three consecutive months. This does not include Prime subs or gifted subs, the latter of which allows viewers to pay for a subscription for another user.

This has come under fire as well. Twitch Partner Warwick says they don’t want to have to ask their community for non-gifted subs. This is especially prescient in the current cost of living crisis, as Lomadiah says.

On top of the 350 recurring subscriptions, those who want to be part of the new scheme will also be capped if they earn $100,000 a year or more. After this, the split goes back down to 50/50.

Mary Kish, Twitch’s director of community marketing and production, believes Partner Plus is a way for streamers to challenge themselves to reach these milestones, because “once you hit that milestone, there is another milestone, and it’s harder.” She likens the program to a “career lesson.”

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