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This might not be something you casually peruse while on the toilet

What are you going to do while you wait for Starfield to release? Play the laundry list of games you already have?! Pah! How about something else to keep you occupied for the next couple of months? If you’re a stickler for a deep dive into upcoming games, one fan of the upcoming Bethesda RPG may have what you’re looking for.

Over on Reddit, user Gokamo has been busy putting a document together that contains as much information on Starfield as possible. Recently, they updated the compendium, which is now over 1,000 pages long. The 86,000-word analysis is a huge one-stop place for all the details about the game you could possibly want. You can check it out on Google Docs.

Added over 600 new pages from the direct, leading to well over 1000 pages and 86k+ words of Starfield information and analysis.
by u/Gokamo in Starfield

Gokamo uploaded the first iteration of their “Complete Starfield Compendium” a year ago. At that point, it was a mere 120 pages. Evidently, they’ve been beavering away on the dossier ever since, and at 1,070 pages in total, it’s a visual testament to their dedication.

What’s in it?

It’s a staggering amount of information to skim. In a nutshell, it’s an attempt to detail as much about Starfield as we currently have knowledge on. This includes screenshots, an exploration into the game itself, a deep dive into the reveal footage, concept art, information on skills and character creation, and so much more!

Gokamo says they managed to increase the document by 600 pages in a month due to the recent stream. But even at this point, they seem quite sure that there’s some stuff they forgot to include. As user IIIR1PPERIII notes, in a modern gaming era in which strategy guides are becoming a lost art form, this compendium is certainly something that will keep many of you busy up until (and possibly after) Starfield launches.

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