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£53.99 for the lot

Nintendo is pushing Pikmin 4 hard, and you love to see it. Like several of the publisher’s older franchises, I’m always willing to let Pikmin have its time in the sun, and now you can literally do that with a set of Pikmin vases.

Revealed by the My Nintendo Store UK Twitter account, a trio of Pikmin vases will release on September 15, 2023, as a “My Nintendo Store exclusive.” Nintendo once again decided to go with the classic three Pikmin: red, yellow, and blue. According to the listing, the size of each ceramic vase is roughly 13cm x 5.6cm, and clock in at £17.99 each, or £53.99 for all three.

You can find them for pre-order here, along with a few other pieces of Pikmin merch. If I had to get just one, I’d go with the blue Pikmin. The open-mouth look is just so striking and strange: it’ll be a conversation piece!

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