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Let’s face it, breakups are never easy. There’s crying, and a bunch of unwanted emotions, and you basically live off of cookie dough and sad movies until you’re ready to start the healing process. You could have the most amicable split known to mankind, and it can still hurt too much to get out of bed. No one likes having a broken heart, but it’s especially tough when the breakup is on the messier side. Could you imagine not only having a messy breakup but it be on magazine covers everywhere? It’s a true nightmare that, sadly, many celebrities have gone through.

Taylor Swift

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With celebrity breakups, there are a few different types: the one where you know an intense breakup album is coming, one where they release a joint statement and amicably co-parent, and one where all hell breaks loose.

When we’re talking about messy breakups, we’re talking about the really dramatic kind. The ones where there are social media fights, subtweets, lawsuits, and even dumping over Twitter (we all know that one!)

So if you’re in the mood to walk down memory lane and remember when these relationships were all over the news, you’ve come to the right place. Check out which celebrity couples had the most dramatic and messy breakups ever, below:


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