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A little tongue now, a lot of tail later (What!?)

As part of the Limited Run Games Showcase stream, the physical publisher announced that they’re resurrecting the GEX series as in the GEX Trilogy. Wow. Oh no.

Like a few of their surprise game announcements, there wasn’t much to go on from the trailer they showed. If I’m not mistaken, the James Bond parody was a promo for the third game way back in the day. Or maybe it was the second. That lizard really liked parodying characters who were cooler than him. However, the trailer does reveal that the GEX Trilogy will be coming to most current platforms via the Carbon Engine.

So, Timothy “Toothpick-Fingers” Monbleau and I immediately started venting our shared trauma with this announcement. He played a lot of the first game on the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, while I, as a kid, spent way too much time playing GEX 64. None of the three games included in the trilogy are terrible, honestly. If anything, the most grating part about it is listening to the eponymous gecko spit one-liners that I didn’t really understand at the time. The first game is a sidescroller, whereas the two that followed are collect-a-thon platformers.

Anyway, any port of these games is a net gain. I’ll be honest, I will probably pick up a digital copy of the GEX Trilogy. I already own all three of these games (the first on Saturn, the other two on N64), but I’m willing to shell out to have them in one place and support the endeavors of kusoge preservation.

GEX Trilogy is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC at some point in the future.

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