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Hope you need some new hardware

Recently, we reported that Starfield was being optimized for AMD. Now, it looks as though Team Red is really digging its heels in by offering the game for free with select CPUs and GPUs. If you need some new gaming tech, hopefully you’re an AMD fan.

In a new promotion, anyone who purchases an RX graphics card and/or Ryzen processor will recieve Starfield for free. The specifics are over on the AMD website, but it does provide plenty of options to choose from if you’re interested. You can find a full list of participating retailers here.

As you may expect, the tech giant wants to specifically push its latest generation of products. You can get Starfield with a Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7, or one of the selected 6000 GPUs. However, if you want the premium edition of the upcoming Bethesda RPG, AMD wants you to consider an RDNA 3 card or Ryzen 9 CPU.

What to expect from Starfield‘s PC specs

AMD also makes recommendations for what your system needs to run Starfield on PC. It’s a triple-A title, so it will test most mid-range rigs.

Running the game at 1080 should require no more than a Ryzen 5 7600 on a Radeon RX 7600 (with an AMD A620 as the recommended motherboard, no less). But if you want that sweet 4K experience, you’ll need to part ways with a lot more cash. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like you’ll need a ninth generation Ryzen, but you’ll need the RX 7900 XT, which is a good $900.

There’s been no mention of what you’ll need if you’re using Nvidia or Intel hardware. That said, you may be able to extrapolate based on what Team Red is suggesting. It does seem like a lot of investment to get a free game, but deals like this are not uncommon. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that AMD was giving away Resident Evil 4 with RDNA 3 graphics cards.

Starfield will launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S on September 6.

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