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Can Travis be far behind?

Recently, No More Heroes creator Suda51 held the first-ever “Grasshopper Direct” event. It’s a madcap show, packed with curses and cosplay, serving as a fantastic example of modern anti-marketing. Most of the “real” content on display is non-game related news like the reveal of new t-shirts, gallery showings, and related merch, while the most shocking moments of presentation pop in under the guise of unrelated, intrusive advertisements. First, there’s Pistol Yakuza (a John Wick-esque movie and game combo) at 5:59, and a trailer for Electric Thunder Tiger 14, starring Electro Triple Star (the first boss of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes) at 9:38.

It’s hard to say if these projects are factual or imaginary, which is right on brand for this franchise. When Travis meets Electro Triple Star in Travis Strikes Again, he talks about how much he loved playing his games as a kid, blurring the lines between past and present, idol and villain, physical and virtual. It all ends with Travis wondering if he might star in Electric Thunder Tiger 3 himself someday. So how did we get to Electric Thunder Tiger 14 already? That’s anyone’s guess, but one can speculate that death and the passage of time don’t work in videogames like they do in the real world.

More No More Or No More More?

But one thing that definitely does work in the real world is copyright laws, and Grasshopper has confirmed with Destructoid that the majority rights to all No More Heroes characters, including Travis Touchdown and Electro Triple Star, are still held by Marvelous, their publishing partner on the series. So that either means that this trailer was essentially a fake-out, or that it’s a real game being developed with Marvelous’s blessing.

If it’s the latter, then it would be a real waste of the license to not throw a Travis cameo or two in there, right? More No More Heroes or not, we know for sure that Grasshopper is working on several projects that will swing for the fences. I’m hoping that some of those swings come from a beam katana.

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