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Longtime fans of Outlander, listen up: you’re going to want to read debut memoir from actor Sam Heughan. The actor might be best known for his role as Jamie Fraser on the beloved Starz drama, but he also has an incredible personal story as well as deft knowledge and love of Scotland. Of course, fans also know Heughan for taking them on adventures with the series Men In Kilts, but the actor’s memoir will surely give a more intimate perspective on his heritage, memories, and more as her traverses Scotland’s West Highland Way.

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‘Waypoints’ by Sam Heughan $14.60

Heughan’s debut memoir is titled Waypoints. Defined as a stopping place on any given journey, real-life waypoints the Outlander actor has encountered on his journey through Scotland and in life will be a major theme of the memoir. It’s an insightful, charming exploration into the actor’s world, full of anecdotes that reflect his unending curiosity and admiration for Scotland. But there’s so much more to this memoir than the physical journey Heughan endures on the 100-mile walk through West Highland Way.

Scotland serves as the perfect backdrop for Heughan to give readers and longtime fans a glimpse into different facets of his life. From his rise on Outlander, to the relationships he holds dear, very few stones were be left unturned on Heughan’s journey. But one of the most candid moments comes early in the book, this first page in fact.

Sam Heughan opened up about his estranged father in Waypoints.

The memoir opens with Heughan and his brother in a house in Canada where the actor finds a DVD of a movie he starred in on the shelf. He reveals that the house is that of his dying father who left him when he was young but, evidently, has been watching him from afar.

Heughan writes that he knew very little about his father. “His background was always a little vague; though it was a fact that he had lived in a squat on the Strand in central London. When police came to evict the illegal dwellers, a photograph of my dad in the heart of the drama made the front page of The Times. According to family folklore, this was the reason his strict military parents had disowned him.”

Outlander Allegiance Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

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With great candor, Heughan recalls how his parents’ separation likely impacted him: “We’re shaped by so many influences as kids, but I was too young to remember the one that quite possibly had a formative impact on me.”

“For when I was 18 months old, my dad left home and never came back. I have no recollection of this time. I don’t remember the shock he must have left behind, as well as the uncertainty, because for a long period his whereabouts was a mystery.” When he does reconnect with his father, the man is already dying and Heughan’s story becomes all the more tragic but we’ll leave that to him to tell. Also, for more on what’s in the book, check out our full review here.

'Outlander' cast Caitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan,

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