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Chaos is about to reign down in New Zealand thanks to Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish’s season 2 of Men in Kilts. The Outlander co-stars went on the road again for the second season of their travel show. Season 1 took viewers along for a Scottish adventure, where they visited Outlander landmarks and dove headfirst into Scottish history, and in one episode, barley. But barley helps makes whisky, which is Heughan’s favorite sip of choice, especially when it’s a bottle of his very own Sassenach. Starz dropped the first look at season 2 of the hit travel show and here are some of the highlights, also known as different ways Heughan tries to scare his co-star with high stakes life-risking activities.

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Ever wonder what Sam Heughan might be wearing if McTavish woke him up super early to see the sunrise, and they were in a camper van in the middle of somewhere in New Zealand? Well, if you did, you probably would not have added a sequined bathrobe to your bingo card, but here we are. And there they were in New Zealand. Heughan slams the door shut on his nature-loving co-star.

Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish
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“Yet again, I find myself sitting within feet of you—” McTavish says to Heughan who’s once again driving their Kilty camper van. “In a very confined space,” Heughan finishes his sentence grinning ear to ear. McTavish seems “excited.” Turns out McTavish moved to New Zealand, a place he fell in love with after filming The Hobbit. Hence why season 2 takes place there. Their adventures take them to new heights, literally. They zip line, kayak, dance, generally risk their lives through extreme sports, discover amazing food, and learn all about New Zealand culture. Through their eyes, you’ll definitely fall in love with New Zealand.

And they will absolutely taste all the spirits New Zealand has to offer. So pour yourself any of Heughan’s own line of liquor, whether it be Sassenach gin, Sassenach tequila, or the OG Sassenach whisky, inspired by Claire Fraser from Outlander, whose nickname is “Sassenach,” called to her by none other than Heughan’s Jamie Fraser.

The one thing you realize watching this show is that travel and medical insurance are definitely worth getting. And if you’re McTavish, possibly a restraining order saying Heughan can’t come within 50 feet.

McTavish screams and Heughan’s kayak capsizes, even though he claimed it was intentional, rest assured that McTavish does not let him forget it. Right before the big plunge, Heughan screams, “You loser, you’re rubbish,” as he races McTavish in the New Zealand waters. This season is exactly the joyful vicarious trip you need, to see the beauty of New Zealand, the chaos and quirkiness of Sam Heughan, the curmudgeonly entertainment of Graham McTavish, and a few Outlander flashbacks! And like all good travel shows, you’ll want to book your flight to New Zealand the minute you finish watching. Too bad Heughan and McTavish aren’t official tour guides, because that would be one trip you wouldn’t soon forget.

Sam Heughan & Caitríona Balfe

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Men in Kilts season 2 premieres on Starz on August 11. You have time to catch up on season 1 of Men in Kilts and all of Outlander – if you watch fast and take no breaks and call out sick to work for the rest of July. You can do it! Read our season 1 recaps here. You can also read Heughan’s memoir Waypoints. Heughan and Outlander co-star Caitríona Balfe are back for season 7 and you can catch up with their newest time-traveling drama by reading our recaps: Episode 7.1, Episode 7.2, Episode 7.3 and Episode 7.4. Until then, get ready, because Chaos in Kilts is coming for you.

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