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Rose & Camellia

Getting ready to embrace my inner Alexis Carrington Colby

Yesterday’s stream from Limited Run Games certainly had its share of curious announcements for anyone still holding onto their GBA or who actually liked Gex. I told myself I wouldn’t give it any thought this year as my backlog is already stuffed with old games LRG has resurrected over the years. But then they had to go and show off a Rose & Camellia collection. Now, they had my attention.

For anyone who forgot or is simply too young to even know about it, Rose & Camellia is a ridiculous flash game where you try to worm your way to the top of the pecking order by smacking the shit out of your competition. I remember playing this game one lonely night at work, completely enthralled by its ludicrous nature. Unbeknownst to me, it got an official sequel, and later a crossover with La-Mulana. All three of those games, as well as two new sequels, are being brought together by LRG, Nigoro, and WayForward for the Rose & Camellia Collection.

With five games and more than 30 characters, your hands are going to be sore after slapping your way to the top of the household. What I’m most excited about are the motion controls. It just wouldn’t feel right if you were pressing a button or flicking a control stick to Zsa-Zsa a woman. This is honestly the first time I’ve been excited about motion controls in a Switch game since…well, I guess the reveal of WarioWare Move It! from a couple of weeks ago.

Either way, this whole thing looks like a hoot and it’s nice that a piece of my past, even if it was just for one night, is managing to make its way back into my life with this port. Rose & Camellia Collection will launch in late 2023/early 2024 for the Nintendo Switch.

Oh, I should mention it has two-player local versus. So you and your friends can stop settling it in Smash and settle it in slaps.

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