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Street Fighter 6’s roster begins its expansion with a whirlwind

Capcom has announced that Rashid will be coming to Street Fighter 6 on July 24.

Rashid is the first DLC addition to the game, and you can pick him up through the Year 1 Character Pass. If you got the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, you’ll already be set.

Additionally, a special “Rashid Arrives!” Fighting pass will be added that has a Rental Fighter ticket, which will let you try out Rashid for an hour.

Rashid’s Fighting Pass will also bring lots of other goodies such as gear for your avatar, a new emote, new music, a photo border, in-game cellphone wallpaper, stickers, and even title art. Everyone hated Street Fighter V for its absurd reliance on microtransactions, so players will be happy to learn that they can still get some free rewards too.

The Turbulent Wind

He’s a laid-back dude who’s into all things tech and who uses the wind to gain mobility and create devastating attacks. Rashid first joined the franchise in the maligned Street Fighter V, so many of his workings have changed. The official Playstation blog teases that the new Rashid will remain an accessible fighter, but will feature various key differences, many of which with an emphasis on mobility.

For example, he will now feature a special move called Arabian Cyclone. Rashid will perform a spinning kick that creates a small whirlwind. The kick can transition into abilities that existed as V-Skills in SFV, and his whirlwinds will allow Rashid to improve his neutral game and his combos.

He’ll also have Arabian Skyhigh, a double-jump move that’s apparently very likely to confuse opponents trying to predict his landing spot. Rashid looks like he’ll be one of the more mobile characters in the game, as he’ll also feature a move called Side Flip that players can combine with a Front Flip to put Rashid in the air again. Also, to complete his escape from his SFV roots, Rashid’s V-Trigger I from the previous game has become his Level 2 Super, Ysaar.

More characters such as AKI, Ed, and Akuma will be joining the game on an undisclosed date.

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