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Diablo 4 Prime Gaming mount - how to get

Also, a free-to-keep Prey returns to the service

It’s that time again: Amazon is pushing its “Prime Day” deals (Prime “Day” is more like a week now), and Prime Gaming is part of the festivities. Prey (2017) is up for grabs as an “additional chance” type deal, peppered into what Prime Gaming is considering the crown jewel (as featured via their email notification): Shovel Knight: Showdown.

It’s wild to see a (now older!) Yacht Club Games title up there in flashing lights, but that game made a lot of cash, so it’s not surprising! As a reminder, Showdown is actually a versus-based game mode baked into a title update for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, as well as its own game, priced at $9.99. More deals will arrive on a ‘weekly basis” through July 11. Let’s look at what’s available and on the horizon for now.

Here are all the 2023 Prime Day offers for Prime Gaming

  • Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 – Track Rivals Bundle
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (full game)
  • Pokemon GO – Limited Partner Research
  • Diablo IV – Brackish Fetch Mount Armor Bundle
  • Shovel Knight Showdown (full game)
  • Overwatch 2 – +5 Tier Skips
  • Prey (full game)
  • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition (full game)

If you want to grab all this stuff, head to the Prime Gaming landing page.

How to get the Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Brackish Fetch mount

One of the bigger bonuses includes that aforementioned Diablo 4 cosmetic pack, which comes with the following three items:

  • Scales of the Dead Sea – Mount Armor
  • Dead Sea Vessel – Mount Trophy
  • Mariner Will – Mount Trophy

All you need to do is link your account to Prime Gaming and redeem the offer, and you’re good to go. Here’s a reminder from Prime Gaming on how to actually unlock and use the mount:

“In order to receive a Mount, you’ll need to complete the first three Acts of the main campaign. After completing all three acts you’ll be summoned to Kyovashad, in Fractured Peaks to talk with Donan in the Cathedral of Light. You’ll be given a quest titled Donan’s Favour. After completing the quest, you’ll be rewarded with your first mount and the ability to ride it. Once you have completed the quest, you can go to the Stable Master to enable additional Cosmetic Horse Armours, including the Brackish Fetch Mount Armour.”

We also have a full guide available!

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