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Is he related to the Berenstein Bears?

Uh oh. It looks like CERN may have fired again. We’re now in a timeline graced by the existence of Fiddlebert. Of course, you remember Fiddlebert from Pikmin, right? For those that don’t; Fiddlebert was supposedly Pikmin 1’s second captain. He was “rushed” since he was just a smaller and green version of Olimar. He would sometimes randomly speak another language and was removed from the Wii and Switch ports of the game…at least, that’s what folks on the Pikmin subreddit would have you believe.

who the fuck is Fiddlebert?
by u/Sombrarco in Pikmin

Pikmin fans are currently debating the existence of the green character. Some claim they certainly remember him from the original Pikmin. But let’s be honest here. Fiddlebert is as real as Curious George’s tail, Oscar Meyer, and the Monopoly Man’s monocle. You know, as real as the cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo.

Pikmin Fiddlebert Screenshot
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Do you “remember” Fiddlebert?

The creation of Fiddlebert is what happens when a dedicated fan base gets together and wants to pass the time before a highly anticipated game release. We saw a similar situation in the Diablo 4 community. It’s honestly great! You have a large group of people all excited for Pikmin 4 and willing to take something silly and run with it. Why you might ask? Because it’s fun, it’s entertaining, and most importantly it’s more Pikmin.

Look, I know the Mandela effect is a real thing. I mean at this point who can argue it? But I have to admit, I don’t remember Fiddlebert ever existing. Maybe I just didn’t play Pikmin as much as I remember, but surely I’d recognize this green Olimar, right?

Pikmin releases on Nintendo Switch on July 21. I’m willing to bet Fiddlebert will not make an appearance.

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