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Brittany Mahomes is often involved in some type of social media controversy, especially during football season. Sometimes it’s based on a tweet she wrote, but other times, it’s just internet trolls being internet trolls. Online hate isn’t good for anyone, but her husband, Patrick Mahomes, is giving the inside scoop on how his wife deals with being in the spotlight.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback had nothing but high praise for Brittany, explaining to E! News that “she was an athlete growing up,” so she’s used to the opinions of sports fans. “If you played any sports, you know [there are] as many people that enjoy how you play and the effort that you give [as] people that are always going to hate on you,” he shared. “And so she has a good sense of that.” However, he appreciates how she just lets the criticism roll off her back and that “all of us can learn” from her example. 

“Enjoy your life every single day and not worry about what everyone thinks,” the athlete said of his wife’s mantra. “Life’s short. You want to enjoy those moments and remember those moments. And for us, we try to enjoy those moments with our family as much as possible.” It’s been a big year for the couple with the birth of their son, Bronze, in November, a Super Bowl win, and Patrick’s new Netflix docuseries, Quarterback. 

Brittany has kept the Mahomes’ family life solid while raising their two kids, including daughter Sterling,2 — and that’s what Patrick loves about her the most. “She has her head on her shoulders the right way,” he gushed. “She’s my rock. She’s the one that, through tough times, can get me through.” So, the internet trolls need to back off, there’s nothing that is going to ruffle Brittany’s feathers.

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