Open Position Piano Chords – Perfect for the New Age Style

The Open Position passion( OPC) allows you to produce a vented sound. A sound that’s open, literally, as opposed to the unrestricted triumvirates tutored in utmost course books.

The OPC covers further than two octaves of the keyboard allowing you to produce without moving the hands around too important. Perfect for the freshman and advanced player. New Age music in particular has an open quality that’s created in a number of ways. The first way is by the passion choices used. utmost of this music is in a Major Key. The sound is affable without any discordant tones.

The alternate way is how the passion is played or raised. The OPC venting gives you the capability to separate the passion into three different corridor low end or bass note, middle notes, and high or air notes. With this configuration you’re suitable to make further music than if you were just playing a trio in your left hand and playing air in your right.

It also allows you to play in negation. When you’re clapping with the OPC, your fritters will automatically begin to produce a countermelody. How? Because you formerly have six tones underneath your fritters to begin with. Just by moving your fritters over the keys in different measures, you begin to have harmony with air.

It allows you to play piano with both hands together right down. This is entirely different than the way most pianists learn how to ID a passion. They’re generally tutored triumvirates first fingered in the left hand also in the right and eventually both hands together. Is this music making? Of course not.

The Open Position passion allows you to use both hands together to produce solid passions, arpeggios- enough important anything you can imagine. This passion structure allows the complete freshman to sound like a pro faster than any other approach. Why? Because you’re formerly using seventh passions- the foundation sound for utmost ultramodern music moment. It’s used in Jazz and contemporary necessary music about 90 of the time. After you begin to play the OPC as a seventh passion, there is no end to the possibilities.

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