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With royal life in the rearview mirror, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are focusing on new endeavors and projects for the future. The couple’s media ventures, including a deal with Netflix, still have potential despite a few setbacks. And as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex focus on their individual pursuits, a new report seems to suggest that Meghan could return to a professional world that’s very familiar to her.

After the couple’s Netflix docu-series Harry & Meghan received zero Emmy nominations, there was some chatter about what this could mean for Meghan and Harry’s future projects. For Meghan, it could very well mean a return to acting. When asked if he thought the Duchess of Sussex would be seen on the big or small screen, media commentator Mark Boardman said, “Absolutely,” per Daily Express US. “Meghan obviously has the children to worry about, but acting is definitely going to be in the pipeline,” he said.

“She wants to be treated seriously as a film star and she probably didn’t quite get the recognition she wanted from Suits. Meghan wants to be a leading lady and she will definitely go back into acting. She needs to find her own career and identity,” Boardman said. While we’re not entirely convinced Meghan would make such a severe pivot back to acting, we do agree that finding her own identity outside of her past royal life and her previous acting work is definitely on the table.

From what we’ve seen, Meghan’s interests and support of organizations that uplift women and girls has been the corner stone of her post-royal work thus far. Even if some acting work crops up here and there, we feel pretty confident Meghan’s main interest and service-oriented work will continue to be the humanitarian efforts that have mattered to her since childhood. Then again, we still wouldn’t mind a cameo appearance from the Duchess of Sussex on our favorite TV show.

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