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I can’t wait to build my homestead in the wilderness of the Heartlands

Look, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for innovative MMORPG’s, especially those that can successfully pull off sandbox-style gameplay. A few months ago Finland studio Mainframe Industries revealed their own medieval sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei.

While MMORPG gamers are very familiar with the medieval era, Pax Dei looks to immerse players in an open-world playground where you choose the role you want to play. Everything in the world is produced by other players including clothes, buildings, food, flowers, weapons, armor, and more.

As you explore the Heartlands you can find the perfect plot of land to call home. Hunker down and build your own house, and before you know it you may have neighbors. Before you know it you could be living in a thriving village with other players all performing their own job to make the village successful. Pax Dei features a fully player-driven economy, enhancing a truly community-driven sandbox experience.

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Pax Dei looks to be progressing along beautifully

Mainframe Industries recently released its first-ever “Pax Dei Record” newsletter with updates from the past few months and what is to come in the near future. Firstly, they recently kicked off their own internal Friends & Family Closed Alpha. Basically, this kind of test helps the developers improve server stability, load times, and overall performance while also fixing a lot of bugs. Also, the team has implemented Unreal Engine 5 updates as they continue working on the game. Finally, they expanded the game world adding an entire new province. The new province, Merrie, brings the total size of inhabitable land in Pax Dei to around 130-150 km².

We also recently got a Pax Dei video showing off how they make the game world:

The first public test is planned for later this year, which you can sign-up for now. I can’t wait for the opportunity to explore this massive open world and start creating my own life in the beautiful world of Pax Dei.

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