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Any many ways, like their extraordinary homes and star-studded red carpets, celebrities are nothing like us. But, in others, we’re more alike than we thought. In a recent interview, for example, Matt Damon broke down one of the hardest parts about being an actor, and how his wife Luciana Barroso has helped him through. And, as it turns out, actors can also get annoyed, burned out and hopeless too, and need some love and support to power through.

“Without naming any particular movies, sometimes you find yourself in a movie that you know, perhaps, might not be what you had hoped it would be, and you’re still making it,” Damon said in an appearance on Jake’s Takes. “And I remember halfway through production and you’ve still got months to go and you’ve taken your family somewhere, you know, and you’ve inconvenienced them, and I remember my wife pulling me up because I fell into a depression about like, what have I done?”

After hearing her husband’s concerns, however, Barroso gave the best advice. “She just said, ‘We’re here now,’” he remembered.

“I do pride myself, in a large part because of her, at being a professional actor and what being a professional actor means is you go and you do the 15-hour day and give it absolutely everything, even in what you know is going to be a losing effort. And if you can do that with the best possible attitude, then you’re a pro, and she really helped me with that.” Looks like this duo, that’s been married since 2005, makes one heck of a team!

In the interview, Damon sat beside his Oppenheimer co-star Emily Blunt, who also gushed about her husband John Krasinski.

“Well John is like the ultimate pragmatist in my life which I adore,” she said. “I feel like John is like the call in the night for a lot of people, he just kind of fixes stuff. I’ll express something I’m worried about and he’ll listen to the whole thing and he’ll go ‘Are you ready for some thoughts?’ He’ll just lay it out.”

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Blunt continued, “Now, he’ll admittedly say he’s not good at dealing with his own concerns, but he’s the best therapist for everyone else.”

We’re just swooning listening to these couples gush over each other like this!

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