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It’s official: actors are joining writers on the picket lines and going on strike. Fran Drescher, president of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) made the announcement made the announcement during Thursday’s press conference in Los Angeles. The call to strike comes after the union’s negotiating committee’s talks with major studios and streaming services about a new contract failed, even after the deadline was extended by weeks, per CNN. The decision will have a huge impact on actors, writers, and the promotion and production of films and TV series. And in the midst of promotion for one of the biggest movies of the summer, Barbie star Margot Robbie is taking the opportunity to voice her support for the union’s decision.

During the London premiere of Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film, Robbie was asked whether she’d be prepared to join her fellow actors by going on strike. “Absolutely,” she said. “I very much am in support of all the unions and I’m a part of SAG, so I would absolutely stand by them.” You can watch her interview with Sky News HERE.

In terms of what the strike will mean for actors, promotion of current and all summer films and TV series will essentially come to a halt, as will production on current projects. As of last night, SAG has joined the Writers Guild of America on the picket line, and actors are already following their union’s lead. Cast members of Oppenheimer walked out of the film’s recent premiere in support of their follow actors and the union’s efforts for a fair contract with studios and streaming services.

It’s been more than a decade since a strike of this magnitude occurred, going all the way back to the writers strike that spanned Nov. 2007 – Feb. 2008. With the threat of AI looming over Hollywood, every creative’s voice matters now more than ever. And with prominent stars like Robbie sharing their support, it’s evident just how important this strike is for the unions involved.

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