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It’s very convenient that Kim Kardashian just happens to be single at the same time as Tom Brady. Two A-list stars who have achieved incredible success in their field, so they have to date, right? That’s what fans were hoping after a snapshot of the dynamic duo together surfaced from Michael Rubin’s high-wattage Fourth of July party in the Hamptons. 

The photo was anonymously sent into the Instagram gossip account, DeuxMoi, which showed Kim and the former NFL star engaging in conversation. He towered over her with his back to the camera in his white jeans and T-shirt, and her gorgeous curves were peeking out from his left side. The tipster wrote to DeuxMoi in a DM, “I’ve been seeing some posts speculate whether or not Kim and Tom actually spent time together at the party and I wasn’t gonna send this initially bc it felt creepy, but I do have a photo of them together lol.”

That image got the rumors fired up even more because a source had already claimed to Page Six that they “were super flirty with each other.” However, a second insider downplayed the speculation, noting that the reality star “only talked briefly” with the athlete. It seems that Brady was busy “talking to different women” at Rubin’s event, so their stans might want to hold off on making Bardashian or Krady social media accounts. Apparently, Kim only has time for her four kids and her business empire right now. 

“Kim and Tom are friends and have a lot of respect for each other,” a third source explained. Kim and Brady would certainly make for an epic red-carpet moment, but it looks like these two are shelving any ideas of starting a romance together — at least for now.

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