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As part of yesterday’s [email protected] Showcase, Digital Eclipse rolled back the rug to reveal The Making of Karateka. This will be an interactive documentary on the 1984 brawler by Prince of Persia designer Jordan Mechner.

Destructoid’s own Steven “Chunkahunk” Mills covered this as part of his recap on the [email protected] Showcase, but I think The Making of Karateka deserves a second look. First released on the Apple II, Karateka made its way to just about every microcomputer under the sun. It was one of the earliest brawlers, made using rotoscoped graphics to create detailed animations rarely seen on early platforms.

Image via Digital Eclipse

Similar to Digital Eclipse’s work on Atari 50, The Making of Karateka will include multiple versions, never-before-seen prototypes, and a brand-new remake of the game. This is alongside developer commentary and behind-the-scenes looks at development. On top of all those things, Digital Eclipse is also providing Deathbounce: Rebounded, a dual-stick shooter based on an unfinished prototype by Jordan Mechner.

Damn! By my calculation, that is everything, including all kitchen appliances and fixtures.

Better yet, The Making of Karateka is just the starting point for Digital Eclipse’s Gold Masters Series. What old favorites would you like to see getting this lavish treatment? Pit-Fighter? King of Kings? Ganso Saiyuuki Super Monkey Daibouken!?

While the showcase only announced that The Making of Karateka was coming to Xbox Series X|S, Digital Eclipse has confirmed it is also coming to Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC. The current release date is just “this summer,” but there aren’t that many months left of the season, so we should be seeing it soon.

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