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Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Outlander Season 7, Episode 4, “A Most Uncomfortable Woman.”

The momentum of Season 7 of Outlander can’t be stopped. It’s shattering time and hearts, burning everything to the ground, making us say sad goodbyes to cats, and leading Jamie, Claire, and fam into yet another dangerous war. This episode, “A Most Uncomfortable Woman,” inspired by the one and only Claire Fraser, is no exception. Last episode, Jamie, Claire and Ian left their home, because it was ashes, and Roger and Brianna found their home, because it was fate. Mrs. Bug also got accidentally murdered. Oops. This episode, Jamie (Sam Heughan), Claire (Caitríona Balfe) and Ian embark on their journey back to Scotland, only to be warblocked. William, Jamie’s secret son, who thinks Lord John is his father, loves war and gets his very first war assignment, that goes awry thanks to a baby rattlesnake. Snakes will get you every single time Fraser boys. Sadly, Big Roger Mac attack isn’t there to show that snake who’s the big Mac and have his wife turn it into a syringe. That move continues to this day to be Roger and Brianna’s best couple move. It went down in history, and as we know Roger and Brianna went forward in history to the 1980s, where they just got a new, old house. That’s right those crazy kids bought Jamie’s childhood home, Lallybroch. And it just feels right that they are living in Brianna’s parents first real home. Jamie and Claire vibes all around the house. And yet another time jump happens, as we see from the ages of Jemmy and Mandy, who are no longer babies. Mandy is chaos, and is out there whacking her big bro with a stick, and Jemmy turns her into his parents whenever possible. But the most important thing that happens in this episode of Outlander is Claire runs into a kissing ghost.


We open on Brianna watering plants on the front door steps to Lallybroch! Immediate joy! And it’s 1980! What. Brianna still has bangs, but they look much better. I’m now a Brianna Bangs fan. No, that came out very wrong, I’m a Brianna Bangs stan. Jem is like 7 and Mandy seems to be 4 – how much time has gone by?! TOO fast! Ugh.

Rogers returns home, and their contractor says to finish the upstairs bedrooms, it will be much more! Hello kiddos, Da left you gold! But it’s probably cursed and currently a skeleton guards it in a creepy cave where your parents made out 200 years ago. Brianna and fam have been living in a caravan while the work on Lallybroch is being done. But with this new estimate, looks like Lallybroch’s renovations might never end. They can’t afford it. Brianna looks super sad. Go back in time guys. Your parents are still alive!

But listen, if Roger and Brianna need to be anywhere, glad they got Lallybroched. If Jamie and Claire still lived there, they would probably have a sign that said: “If this house is Lallybrochin’, don’t come a knockin’.” Why have we never gotten Jamie and Claire living at Lallybroch for more than a few episodes?! Why? Justice for Jamie & Claire. Justice for us. Yes, us.

Richard Rankin & Sophie Skelton

Richard Rankin & Sophie Skelton
Starz/Robert Wilson

Snack Time for Jamie & Claire

Jamie, Claire and Ian are on the road, setting up camp for the night it seems. Cute camping Jamie and Claire is the best. Very reminiscent of season 1 and how they got to know each other. Jamie is rummaging through their things and Claire asks him, somewhat amused, what he’s looking for, knowing full well he’s hungry. He claims he just wants an apple, so she tosses him one and his face says it all. That man don’t want no apple. Luckily, Claire knows her husband well, and brings some cheese over for him. And then possibly the best flirty conversation to ever take place over a makeshift cheese and fruit plate happens. Claire tells Jamie both the cheese and apple are important for him to eat, since they’ll be on ship soon, and he gets seasick. He’s like, “Sure, sure, wife.” And she says, have you met any other woman in this time period with all her teeth like me? Jamie cutely tells her she looks good for an old crone, then pretends to give her a piece of cheese, eats it himself and kisses her.

Caitríona Balfe & Sam Heughan

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What’s great about this season is these moments that call back to young Jamie and Claire. It’s the little intimacies between these two that center this show and is at the core its heart. Please note, I refrained from making an apple core joke. If Jamie and Claire are bringing cheese, we’ll bring the crackers, if you don’t like this scene, it means you’re lactose intolerant and also heartless.


Ian interrupts the cute apple-cheese time. When he realizes Rollo is missing, he screams for Arch Bug. Jamie runs over and tells him it’s all in his head. Ian’s worried Bug will kill Claire and Jamie because he knows how much Ian loves them. Protect Young Ian Murray at all costs. He is simply the best. From the moment he saw Claire in the brothel and thought she was a hooker, to being Jamie and Claire’s biggest stan, to right now screaming in the woods because he is worried about them. Ever wonder what Young Ian would have done back in season 3, had he seen his mother throwing water on randy Jamie and Claire? I think he would have tossed that water on his mother. And not lived another day. But what a great final act it would have been. Please note how kissy his uncle and aunt are in the background. What pairs best with an apple and cheese? According to Jamie Fraser, Claire. And only, Claire.

But back to poor traumatized Ian thinking Archie is hunting them. Like Arch Bug is old, is he really running through the woods?! I don’t need that. Though Hugh Ross, who plays the big Bug, did hint to us that this might not be the last we see of long Fabio flowing hair Arch Bug.

Let’s go back to cute Claire, Jamie, and cheese. Adorbs. If Arch Bug ruins this dairy love moment or any future ones… Oh speaking of, Jamie and Claire probably have gotten zero alone time on their camping trip with Ian. They must be very frustrated, it’s not healthy for them, and we know they like to stay healthy.

William Ransom

Young William, suited up in a red coat outfit, is talking to his cousin. Somewhere Jamie and Claire are wincing knowing he’s wearing that coat. William is anxiously waiting for his posting. All of a sudden, he sees another soldier abusing a woman. He better save her or he is not a Fraser. His fellow soldiers chant as the other one pours alcohol on her. Are they going to light her on fire?! No, absolutely not. But that’s what they do. William tries to save her, but someone stops him. He manages to finally break free, and throws his coat on the burning girl, but she dies. Ugh. Okay, at least we know William is good. A bit slow to react, but good.

The next day, William is complimented by his superior for trying to save the woman. He is given a new job to go to North Carolina as a messenger. At first Wills isn’t thrilled to be made an errand boy, but then his superior tells him to chill, Will. He really is too excited about fighting in a war.

Gold balls, Unpainted walls

Roger seems to be writing a book about time travel. Perhaps for the kids? He mutters, “Your grandmother says…” referring to Claire most likely. He seems overwhelmed at the thought of writing it. He’s playing with the musket ball they found in the chest of Jamie and Claire’s letters, and all of sudden he realizes it’s gold. Brianna and Roger decide again not to ask Jemmy about the gold. Brianna doesn’t want to be late for her job interview, and asks Roger for a kiss for luck. He gives her a little peck on the cheek, Brianna notes it. Hmmm… What’s up Rog?

Brianna arrives at her job interview. The man she’s meeting with asks her to get him coffee. Is her job interview to be some terrible man’s secretary? No, it is not. But that guy thinks that’s why she’s there. This is Jamie and Claire’s daughter, show some respect, and get your own coffee bro. When Brianna tells him she’s there about the engineer job, he balks, “But you’re a woman.” Brianna retorts, “And what aspects of plant inspection requires a penis.” Brianna wins for best interview question ever. Well done, that’s Claire’s daughter. Claire would be proud and Jamie would be mortified yet proud. (Remember Jamie got freaked out by a pic of Brianna in a bikini. His daughter screaming “penis” in a job interview is likely to get a reaction first, before his pride shines through). But then again, it would just remind him of Claire and he’d be like, well, I helped create her, this is on me. Proud dad for sure. He might also try and mix that interviewer’s coffee with his sword. Twitter fan @elle_m_bee said, “Imagine that, sexism is timeless, nice take down Bree.”

Willie in the Woods

William gallops through the woods, when a tiny rattlesnake spooks his horse and causes Wills to be tossed from his horse, and then he rolls down a hill, and a stick goes into his arm. Owwie. You need Claire, but you got no one. Even your horse ran Willie. What is with snakes trying to bite Jamie and his secret mini Jamie?

Charles Vandervaart

Charles Vandervaart
Starz/Robert Wilson

War Shmwar

Meanwhile, Jamie gets stopped by some annoying guy who tells him he has to fight in some stupid war. Um, hello let them go to Scotland, jeez. Can the Frasers just live already! Jamie tells Claire he’ll fight for Claire and Bree and their family. Claire says, “If that isn’t an ideal, I don’t know what is.” I do! “No war” is ideal! Claire! Hello. Claire and Ian say they will also go with him, of course. This family loves war. Just jump on the boat to Scotland for Fraser’s sake. Yeesh.

Sam Heughan, Caitríona Balfe, and John Bell

Sam Heughan, Caitríona Balfe, and John Bell
Starz/Robert Wilson

Brianna Gets a Job

Roger is painting a wall in Lallybroch when he realizes the house sounds too quiet. He finds Jem sitting peacefully, but no Mandy. It seems Jem likes to play hide and seek with his younger sister, where she hides, and he never seeks her. Peak big brother move, Jem. Roger finds her in a priest hole.

Brianna comes in and announces she got the job! “How’d you do it, honey?” “I said, ‘Penis.’” But no, Roger doesn’t say that. In fact, Roger doesn’t seem all that happy. “That’s great, well done, you,” he says with the least amount of excitement you can imagine. Bree calls him out. She guesses he wants to be the breadwinner. Why is Roger insecure in every century?

Roger explains he feels like he’s failing Jamie and Claire by not taking care of Brianna and the kids. He says he is proud of her for getting the job. Okay, Roger got a little sympathy when he explained. Also, Roger looks very good with these primary colors he’s wearing in the 80s. Back to the future looks good on you Roger Mac. But you know what doesn’t look good in any century, insecurity and not supporting your kick ass wife, who said, “Penis” in an interview and still managed to get the job!

Ian & William and a super gross arm injury

William, meanwhile, is like Claire was on that island in season 3 – all alone and dehydrated. Wait, you know who else ran into a snake on that island?! Claire! This family and snakes, enough already. I know Jamie got bit by a snake, but Claire’s snake experience continues to be my worst nightmare. She woke up to that slithering psycho just moving across her like she was the ground. Eek. Sorry, back to Willie. All of a sudden, Ian is there with Rollo. Was just about to say William needs Claire. But Ian will have to do. He takes care of his wound. But like a blind surgeon would with a huge knife and boiling water?! Ian, go get your aunt bro. Claire would probably not approve of this method. Ian’s a graduate of terror medical school. Remember in season 4 when William got leeches all over him and Claire helped take them off. Bet he wishes she were here now instead of Boiling Water Boy. (Sorry, Ian, you’re good with a bow and arrow, but not boiling water). It’s for stews not Willies.

There’s not enough Jamie and Claire in this episode. Seems rude. Oh, wait, spoke to soon.

Tom Christie Lives to Kiss Another Day

Claire walks out into the street in Wilmington, and bumps right into Tom Christie who plants a huge long kiss on her! Like on her lips. What in the Tom Christie is going on?! She couldn’t even breathe. It was more like CPR. She looked like a trapped flailing fish. Um, consent much Tom?! The only person allowed to perform kissing CPR on Claire is Jamie. See Season 3, Episode 13, “Eye of the Storm,” where Claire is underwater and Jamie gives her the hottest version of CPR. But Tom, that is not this. And you are not that. (That being her husband). Claire looks shocked and bewildered, and her expression did make me lol. Actual, out loud laughter. Side note, Claire’s blue eyes look very blue in this moment. Must be kissing shock. If Claire had a buffering face, it would be that. Perfect reaction. Tom says, “You should be dead.” Claire replies, “So should you!” And thanks to your kissing Tom, so are we! Dead. Can we please make Balfe and Lewis Jones a comedy duo? Between last season’s hat scene and this, they’re excellent. But Tom don’t be kissing Claire like that. Balfe plays this perfectly, Claire is completely freaked out and trying to be normal. Tom, stick to the Bible buddy, not kissing your frenemy’s wife! If one could win an award for any one reaction in a television show, Balfe would win. Hands down. See how Outlander fans exploded. And Twitter fan @weepheebs is rightly wanting to see the blooper outtakes from this scene.

Tom says he will accompany Claire to the inn they’re staying at. Balfe’s expression for this is also award-winning. Tom asks Claire if Jamie knows why he confessed and Claire tells him, “You mean does he know about your gallant feelings towards me? Yes, he does. He’s sympathetic towards you, knowing from experience what it’s like to love me.” She is so kind to little lovesick, inappropriate kissing Tom. Tom just looks at her with love eyes. He can’t help himself. Claire asks how he got free and Tom explains. Tom says he didn’t return to the Ridge because his son had never returned (because he’s dead), and given everything that happened, he felt he shouldn’t return. “Is it true your house burned down?” Tom asks. Claire replies, “Yes, we lost everything.” Then Tom confesses he wrote the obituary because, “I couldn’t abide the thought that all of you shall vanish from the earth with no formal marking of the event. I thought I would at least make a record as I could not leave flowers on your grave.” This is sweet and sad. And phew, Claire and Jamie do not die in a fire. Tom is to blame, but it’s fine, he did save her, even though he’s the reason she got into trouble. So he’s the hero but really the villain. Typical Tom.

Claire’s eyes are welling up with tears, and Tom says, “The Lord does answer prayers.” Claire asks, “What did you pray for?” Girl, you know. We know. And Tom knows, “You are a most uncomfortable woman.” John Grey said that to her too back in season 4. I’m gonna go ahead and say that both those men are most uncomfortable men. And by uncomfortable, I mean awkward.

Tom goes on to say, “I have loved two women, one was a witch and a whore…” and the other? He’s talk about his wife and Claire. Except he calls them both witches. But it’s weirdly sweet. Tom tells Claire that her being a witch doesn’t make a difference to him. I guess it’s fair to say then, Tom is a whore for witches, right? I’m right. “The love of you has lead me to my salvation and what I thought was my peace. Once I thought you dead. And yet here you are. I shall have no peace while you live, woman. But I don’t say I regret it.” Okay, Tom that was beautiful. But, you are super awkward, and Claire handled all of that very well. I feel sad that Tom Christie is leaving. Words I never thought I’d write.

Jamie and Claire Love Scene

“He kissed me,” Claire tells Jamie still in shock, as we all are. Jamie laughs, “Liked it, did you?” “It isn’t funny!” Claire says. Eek, wrong response, JAMMF. “I better go kill him,” Jamie says. Claire tells him he’s being ridiculous. But then Jamie gets to the heart of the matter, “He touched you against your will.” “He did, and no I didn’t like it,” Claire admits. Jamie says he’s thankful Tom laid down his life for Claire, and that he would if he needed to again.” Claire replies, “I didn’t want him to do it the first time.”

Jamie holds Claire close, and okay this scene is perfect. They’re ridiculously cute. Jamie says, “The thing about Tom is, he wants you, badly. But he doesn’t ken a thing about you.” “And you do?” Claire replies and Jamie kisses her. These super flirty Frasers. “I want and need you plenty, never kissed you without knowing who you are,” Jamie confesses. Claire says, “You didn’t know a thing about me when you married me.” Then Jamie slides his hand down and says, “I knew some things.” And then slaps her butt. Matching his slap, Claire says, “Besides that, I mean.” And then slaps his butt back. Dual butt slaps is their love language. Okay Jamie, hyping up how virgin Jamie knew how to get the job done, with no experience. Came in like a monk, left like a wrecking ball. Claire agrees. Just watch the wedding episode then you’ll know.

Claire starts undoing his shirt. This marks the beginning of the first love scene of season 7, four episodes in, which, to be honest, is actually good. What they went through the last few episodes, didn’t lend itself to fun love scenes.

Jamie and Claire continue their cute, flirty banter all the way to the bed. He touches her hair and says, “It’s not gone white yet, Adawehi says you will not come into your full power ‘til your hair turned white.” This is a call back to season 4. Claire asks him why he thought of that, then he lays her down on the bed and says, “I was thinking I still had a wee bit of time before you become too dangerous for me to bed ye.” Swoon, James. Claire claps back, “What exactly do you think I might do to you in bed?” Then Jamie does what can only be described as sex flashbacks, “So far you’ve clawed me (true), bitten me (true), stabbed me more than once (sort of true).” Claire interjects, “I have not stabbed you!” Then as they’re both undressing each other, those cute little multi-taskers, Jamie reminds her about when she injected him with penicillin in his backside and then again in his leg for the snake bite. “I was saving your bloody life,” Claire says. No lies there. But remember Claire, you did whip out a knife that one time during sex. But he also had spanked you earlier so you get a pass, forever. Jamie tells her she enjoyed all the stabbing. Claire doesn’t deny this fact, “Rattlesnake fang, no, but as for the hypodermic, you deserved it.” Because it was after their big fight where Jamie forgot to tell Claire he married Laoghaire the penicillin injecting, not through a rattlesnake, was fun for her. Claire tells him it doesn’t count because she wasn’t in bed with him. She then asks, “How would you like it if I were jealous?” And then Jamie takes a real risk and says, “You were. Of Laoghaire.” Uh oh. Jamie said the L word. Laoghaire. Interesting tactic, James, to invoke that word in foreplay. From Claire’s expression, it almost went south for you. Oh wait, it went south either way. In a good way.

The scene ends with Jamie and Claire rolling around on the bed, and you just see them in the mirror reflection. Twitter fan @TinyTunney picked up on this shot being reminiscent of season 3’s “Turtle soup” love scene. Twitter fan @smashingteacups, “I’m sorry, I’m still cracking up that of all the ways Claire use unlimited power, Jamie is like ah yes, she’s gonna absolutely DESTROY me in bed, can’t wait. Oh, Fraser.” Round of applause to Jamie for putting ghosts to bed, and then taking his white witch to bed.

One thing Outlander continues to do well is to show the evolution of intimacy in a 30-year marriage. Twitter fan Elle noted, the way he looks at her hasn’t changed after all this time.” Jamie and Claire’s flirty foreplay banter continues to bring the heat, and doesn’t require Jamie’s bum and Claire’s boobs to gallop across the screen every time. Not that, that’s bad when it does happen. There are just many types of intimacy and this couple hits every single one. And does it well. A+ for sex guys, well done.

Credit to Balfe and Heughan, who after 10 years working together and 30 years for Jamie and Claire, still manage to have Jamie and Claire look at each other, as if they were still in their 20s falling in love all over again. Heughan captures Jamie’s constant state of being in awe of Claire every time Jamie looks at her. Twitter fan @jill_millander chimed in: “No one will ever the chemistry that they do. Not now not ever. No other show no other actors. #ItsLaw.” Can’t argue with the law. “The way he looks at her hasn’t changed after all this time. Jamie knows he’s holding the most precious thing in the world in his arms,” Twitter fan @displaceintime posted with a side by side almost exact shot of Jamie and Claire now and from their wedding night. Suffice it to say, Outlander fans again lost their collective minds and in this case ability to form, words. Twitter fan @alohamarie wrote: “ALSKJFLSDKFJD FHELPPP SLAPPING EACH OTHER’S ARSES I CAN’T!”

Meet the Hunters

Ian brings William to get help from a physician named Denzel Hunter (Joey Phillips), and his nurse sister, Rachel (Izzy Meikle-Small). Ooh, future FOCs? Friends of Claire. Denzel wants to remove William’s arm to save him. Everyone collectively freaks out, especially Wills, who says he’d rather die than lose his arm. Hmmm, Jamie said the same thing to Claire in season 5 about his leg, and Ian yelled at him. And this time, Rachel yells at William! Luckily, they realize they don’t have to. I’ll spare you the details of why, because it’s gross and involved something oozing out of Willy’s arm. Glad he got to keep his arm.

Joey Phillips & Izzy Meikle-Small

Joey Phillips & Izzy Meikle-Small
Starz/Robert Wilson

Rachel looks a lot like Brianna. And Ian and Rachel have a very googly-eyed, flirtatious convo about William. Okay, this is clearly going to be a thing. I feel like I could have used a little more screen time on these two and less of William running in the woods alone. More of a set up was needed here, but it’s clear to see their budding chemistry. Rachel, like Lizzie, is wearing a bonnet.

After Ian leaves, Rachel shaves William who seems to be looking at her with googly eyes too! Uh oh, a cousin love triangle? Between two cousins, the Rachel Hunter story. Insert trailer voice here: “A girl with a bonnet and brother, meets two cousins, one with no hair and a dog, and one with good hair and a gross arm.” William offers to accompany Rachel and Denzel who will be heading up north. Hmmm, this sounds like they’re all going to run into Jamie and Claire.

Izzy Meikle-Small & John Bell

Izzy Meikle-Small & John Bell
Starz/Robert Wilson

Jemmy & the Biscuit-stealing Demons

Back in the future Roger and Bree deal with Jemmy. He tells them a horse-like demon is the one who ate all the biscuits. He swears he’s telling the truth. Brianna and Roger think he’s lying. But listen Jemmy heard his sister’s thoughts, he’s got power, believe him, Broger. I’m Team Jemmy. I think Roger is too.

Heading to War…

Battle ready, Jamie and Claire arrive at Ticonderoga. Claire has an adorable backpack. War chic. Listen, no one can deny these two look good doing whatever, but why war.

Overall, this episode continues Outlander’s strong season 7 kick off, and sadly marks the half way point of the first half of the season. Only 4 more episodes left. The stand out scenes are Tom Christie and Claire, Jamie and Claire, and their scenes with Young Ian. Brianna and Roger at Lallybroch is strong, and seeing that they are struggling with being separated from Jamie and Claire, and vice versa. The show had to introduce 3 new characters’ stories in one episode, William, Rachel and Denzel. With only a limited amount of episodes left in the season and series, hopefully Outlander will utilize screen time for Jamie and Claire, and link new characters to them. The strength of the show has always and is always going to be Claire and Jamie – and when characters interact with them, it’s the most effective way to endear them to the audience.

Next episode preview: Oh great, looks like Claire is again having to prove herself as a surgeon, to yet another male doctor who thinks he knows more than her. You don’t, man. And back in the future, Brianna is having the same issues as her mom it seems. Jamie is also trying to convince some war general and tells him, “Canon fire will reach us!” And then boom. He’s right. It reached them. Give peace a chance Frasers.

To catch up on Season 7, read our recaps: Episode 7.1, Episode 7.2, and Episode 7.3 and watch what Heughan and Balfe had to say about this season.

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