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Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Outlander Season 7, Episode 5, “Singapore.”

Good ol’ war is rolling in for our favorite fam. That’s right Jamie and Claire (Sam Heughan and Caitríona Balfe) are at Ticonderoga preparing for yet another battle. Is it history, is it their bad real estate choices, is it Diana Gabaldon? Or is it all three? Last episode, Jamie and Claire had a cute little apple and cheese party, Ian was haunted by the threat of Arch Bug, saved his cousin’s life and met nice Quaker nurse and her doctor brother. In this episode of Outlander, mysteriously titled, “Singapore,” there’s a lot of battling that isn’t just about the war. Jamie battles an idiot, sorry a General, who happens to be grossly incompetent at all things war. Claire battles sexism in the past and Brianna battle sexisms in the future. Claire’s male “superior” who’s actually super inferior to her diminishes her for being a woman. And in the future, Claire’s daughter faces the same, except her male colleagues lock her in a dark tunnel. Cool, guys. Real cool. But Jamie, Claire and Brianna aren’t regular people, they are Frasers. And as usual in the Battle Against Inferior Incompetents, the Frasers crush the patriarchy. Jamie is not the patriarchy, he’s the Fraseriarchy, it’s like a feminist patriarchy-matriarchy with a kilt on, and a surgeon. Ian has his own hour full of drama that involves a run in with his ex and a jaw dropping revelation. William, Rachel and Denzell Hunter head out on the road together and encounter a terrible Air BnB situation. Remember the horror cabin Jamie and Claire stayed in, in season 5? Well this is that, without goats. Or at least alive goats. You’ll see what I mean. There’s a mystery stew. This episode kicks off a lot of stories in just 59 minutes.

Jem & Mandy Visit Their Grandparents in the Graveyard

Ooh, the first thing you’ll notice about the episode is there seems to be new opening credits, with new scenes!

Brianna walks in to the graveyard at Lallybroch. Jem and Mandy are there playing. Eek Brianna tells Jem she told him she didn’t want them playing in there. Jem says, “Mandy wanted to talk to GrandDa.” Hmmm, I think you did, Jem! Mandy was a newborn when they left Jamie and Claire! Jem tells Brianna that GrandDa must be here right and Brianna sadly confesses, “He could be.” Ugh, I don’t like talking about Jamie and Claire being dead, and neither does Brianna. Please respect our privacy at this difficult time, Jem.

Brianna asks Jem, “You haven’t found his gravestone have you?” Jem says, “No, but he told me if I ever came here to leave a stone for him.” Is that everyone’s heart breaking or just mine? Jem wants to show Brianna the pile of stones, but she’s overwhelmed with sadness and tells him “not today.” Sophie Skelton’s portrayal of a young mom trying not to show her heartbreak over her lost parents happens in a second, and it will make you cry. Blink and you will miss it. It’s subtle, but hits the right mark.

Blake Johnston-Miller, Rosa Morris and Sophie Skelton

Blake Johnston-Miller, Rosa Morris and Sophie Skelton
Starz/Robert Wilson

Claire’s Letter – June 18, 1777

Brianna holds one of the letters from her parents. She’s crying, like really crying. Roger finds her, she says, “I didn’t see mama and Da’s headstone and I never want to.” Same. Brianna tells Roger, “Jem says Da is here.” Roger dismisses it as a story. Brianna and Roger decide to read another letter. Roger is being super supportive! Wait a minute, Jem only mentioned Jamie. Where’s Claire in this afterlife?! Brianna find your mama, is she a time-traveling ghost? What kind of power does white-haired Claire have? Remember last episode Jamie talked about this power, albeit during foreplay. Does she live forever like a vampire? That is some Big Witch Energy, if so.

Back to sad Bree, in the letter, Claire tells them they’re at Ticonderoga and not in Scotland yet, and that Jamie’s been recruited by the Continental Army. They’ve been there a few months. Ugh, another time jump. Please slow down Outlander, can’t take it.

Claire explains Jamie leads a group of men they met on the ship, who call themselves “Frasers Irregulars.” “Which your father loves,” Claire tells Brianna. I feel like they could have done better with that name. Sorry boys, do better.

Claire tells her she’s helping the sick and working for a man who thinks he’s a surgeon, except he’s not, and of course, he doesn’t like Claire, because she’s a woman. Things never really change do they? Bullshit really is timeless, isn’t it. Sexism is popular in ever century it seems.

Claire tells them Ian joined them, and that July 10 is when Jamie will be released from service. That’s only one month. What could happen in a month with war looming?! Claire tells Brianna, “He dreams of the children every now and then, and I think of them every single day.” Jeez. This letter. Crushing everyone. Claire Fraser, will slice your heart with a knife and a pen.

Brianna tells Roger that Frank took her to Ticonderoga, and Roger goes to grab his book. But then Brianna tells him it’s better we don’t know. I don’t agree, Bree. Hard disagree. What if they need you again?! Gurl.

Jamie & the Cannons

Back in the Ticonderoga times, Jamie tries to explain to some General with an undetermined accent. He tries to warn that they are all at risk of cannon attacks. But the General calls Jamie and other Highlanders goats, maybe? Jamie gets mad and reiterates the risk of cannons, and this guy says, “No way,” which we all know means “Yes, way.” Jamie is dismissed from the conversation rudely. I don’t like that guy hope the cannon gets him first.

Road Trip with Willy, Denzell and Rachel

William, Rachel and Denzell are on the road. William asks Denzell why he’s become an army surgeon. He also seems to still really love war, and Rachel rolls her eyes at him, rightly so. I like her. Still upset we haven’t learned that Denzell is really related to George Washington, so his name can be Denzell Washington. But seems I need to let that dream go.

William then kind of heckles them for being Quakers and he says, “You rely on others to commit violence for you.” Now Willie, Willis, Wills, you probably have some valid points, but these are your new friends. And at this moment, other than your horse, your only friends. So zip it and gallop quietly.

They come upon a man chopping wood by the side of the street. Wood man tells them they are going the wrong way and invites them to stay the night at his home. This better not turn into a Beardsley cabin horror film with almost dead bodies, maggots and peeing goats, Outlander.

They are served a stew which Denzell and Rachel seem sick over. Are they vegetarian? Rachel runs out. Please don’t let that be dead body stew. Willie runs out after her. She says the smell of the stew made her sick. Willie is cool as a cat, he’s very cute with Rachel. He has a little Jamie charm that’s peeking out or, maybe Lord John. Or maybe both. Nature and nurture at work.

Brianna’s First Day of Work

Brianna and Roger are trying to get it on in the kitchen. In fact, Roger slides his hand down her bum, but Mandy walks in Brogerblocking. Little mini Queen!

No nookie Brianna heads to her new job. She is introduced to a group of men as their new plant inspector. Uh oh. Nervous for her. They don’t look super happy about it. Like mother, like daughter. Remember when Claire got all those mean looks in the 60s from Frank’s colleagues and med school people? Rob Cameron introduces himself. He has a chip on his shoulder. I don’t like him. At all. I can tell he’s not good. He and another guy drive Brianna to a location, then he locks Brianna in a dark tunnel like structure. “Good luck Madame inspector,” they laugh and they drive away. Okay, that’s not cool.

The torch they gave her doesn’t work. Luckily our little pyromaniac Brianna Fraser has her trusty little matches with her. She finds the power box and turns the lights on. Ooh, she’s in the tunnel we saw in the trailer! It’s scary here, and Brianna gets lost. Crap. This is highly unsafe. All of a sudden, she grabs her ears, she comes upon a portal! So she runs into it! Brianna, what?! But nothing happens. Is her nose is bleeding? Or is Skelton cold? What just happened!! What if she had fallen back in time there? She probably didn’t have a gem on.x

Ian & His Auntie Claire

Ian is asked by the army to talk to the Mohawk about supporting them. He’s told to deliver a letter. He asks them to send someone else. Is he going to run into Emily, his ex-ily?

He goes to find Claire. Okay, this is already the best scene, and it hasn’t even happened yet. Ian asks Claire how bairns come to be! And Claire tries not to laugh and says, “I refuse to believe you don’t know how babies are made!” But then Ian says, “I want to know why.” He asks what went wrong? Claire says, “The child you lost?” He says, “What’s wrong with me?” These Frasers just breaking our hearts in every century. Claire says, “Why do you think anything’s wrong with you?” Ian says Emily has a child now, so it must be him. He tells her he won’t take another wife if he can’t give her children. Ugh. Protect Ian Murray at all costs. And John Bell and Balfe continue to shine together. Ian is always the most vulnerable with Claire and Jamie.

John Bell & Caitríona Balfe

Omg. As fast as Outlander makes you cry, it will make you laugh out loud. Ian says “Uncle Jamie told me about the sperm.” SCREAMING. What. Lol. Stop it. How did that convo go?! In season 5, Claire showed Jamie his sperm. Being the little bed wizard wife witch she is. Jamie was like, “How did you get this?!” Claire tries not to laugh especially when Ian asks her to look at his sperm?!? Excuse me, Ian I know you’re comfortable with your auntie and think she’s smart but, sir. SIR! Claire, of course, says I don’t think that would help, but then she says, “I’ll need a microscope.” Ian will find you one. Ticonderoga sperm bank research facility is open people.

Claire asks Ian if he ever saw his daughter. He says, “No, but Emily said she was perfect.” Claire explains women lose children in many ways, through still births, miscarriages, and that it’s quite common. She looks like she’s trying not to cry. Faith. Claire tell his not to give up hope, that he has a chance to have a child with another woman. Best aunt ever. Balfe doesn’t even have to say Faith’s name, and we know what Claire is thinking, how her heart is still broken over losing her first daughter. Just the look on Balfe’s face and the welling tears tells us all we need to know.

Back in stew house, everyone is asleep. William’s stomach begins to gurgle. Oh no! That stew, then Rachel and William wake up. And I knew it! That psycho guy tries to attack them with a knife. And his wife does too! Rachel screams for Denny. Come on Willie fight this little lumberjack and his stew ho. (Sorry they are villains to me now). William guts the man! Like a filet o’ fish! Yes, Willy!! Free Willy from this horror cabin. Like what why does every cabin a Fraser enters turn into terror?! Now Willie, has to save the other two because they are gentle Quakes. He literally winds up and punches her out, but to save the other two, so it’s fine! Willie for president.

Later, William is upset. Rachel says Denzell learned they do this a lot, and the wife offered them jewelry and is begging for her life. Hmmm. Nah. Turns out William doesn’t like killing someone. That man was the first person he’s killed. He seems pretty tortured about it. Good. Now maybe he won’t be so excited about war. Because you have to do that a lot, it’s not fun.

Jamie, Claire and Simon Fraser and the Battle of Singapore

Jamie tells Claire his cousin, Simon Fraser, will be fighting against them. And not his old evil grandpa from season 2. He tells her about the General. She says the General “sounds like an ass.” Except she says it all proper and Claire-like. Jamie explains that the General thinks the attack will come by land and not by water. Claire says it reminds her of the “Battle of Singapore” except the other way around. It was a battle that took place around World War 2. And then she cutely gives him this history lesson and he listens attentively hanging on her every word. Listen if Jamie and Claire taught history, I’d have my masters. Probably a PHD, I’d be Dr. History.

Okay, back to headband Professor Claire (shout out to you and your headband gurl), and the battle explanation. Claire talks about the forests being too dense to penetrate. “Penetrate,” that’s what she said! Is Jamie even paying attention to history anymore, doubt it. Claire says the Japanese cut through the forest and attacked them at weakest point. The general is a not a smart man, and he better not get Claire or Jamie hurt. But knowing this show, that general, and that general’s inconsistent accent, he will. Jamie has a little red pretty flower like thing on his tricorn. Claire says, “Seeing is believing.” And then Jamie gets an idea and runs off. Boy what?! He doesn’t even tell Claire. She’s like, “What the f- dude?” But Jamie just ran and left Claire! Dazed and Clairfused. He didn’t even kiss her goodbye, it better be a really good idea Jamie!

One important note. The General gets too much screen time in this episode, they should have dedicated at least 2 more scenes to Jamie and Claire discussing each of their challenges, and maybe drop another Jamie dream. The audience enjoys hearing those and so does Claire. What if Jamie dreamt of Mandy riding a horse carousel, how confused would he be explaining that to Claire. It would be entertaining and much more interesting than this General who is basically saying the same thing in every scene. We get it guy, you know best, Jamie knows nothing, boom, boom, cannon, cannon, blah, blah.

The best part of the episode is that it’s given birth to fan memes. Twitter fan @TinyTunney whipped up a whole set of Outlander memes for the win.

William, Denzell & Rachel Split Up

William and Denzell and Rachel part ways. William says, “If any British soldiers give you trouble tell them you want to talk to an officer and say you know me.” Then William gives Rachel money and googly eyes but he holds on to Ian’s beads. Aw cousin he doesn’t even know bonding. William gallops off. And the other to trot off. Denzell sees Rachel giving him googly eyes and says he’s probably a British soldier deserter and violence follows. Then Rachel calls him out on taking her to join an army hypocrite. This brother sister team is adorable. Ooh will Ian and Rachel meet up? They’re both headed to Ticonderoga which is basically like the 1700s Tinder. Tinderoga.

Joey Phillips, Izzy Meikle-Small, Charles Vandervaart

Joey Phillips, Izzy Meikle-Small, Charles Vandervaart
Starz/Robert Wilson

Ian James

Ian makes his way back to the Mohawk and sees Emily. Aww, she’s excited to see him and he is too. He asks her to walk with him. But Emily tells him she can’t go far since her son and daughter are here. Ian apologizes for not being able to give her children. He says she hopes he’s happy. Ian asks to meet her son. She gives him an uncomfortable look. Then she leaves and the little boy appears. Omg. Her son looks very white! Wait what!!! Excuse me?! The little boy tells Ian, “My grandmother says I’m the son of your spirit, but I should not say so to my father!” Is that Ian’s child?!?! What!!! Emily asks him to choose a name for her son for when he walks in his (Ian’s world)!! Their son?! Omg. Ian kneels down and names him Ian James. I am so confused!! Ian is a father! But like his uncle, he can never claim his child. Good lord, what. Also, sorry but that kid looks like Ian’s. Emily’s husband probably knows Granny. He’s like that clearly was my spirit. Spirit means sperm right? We’re all in agreement about that.

Jemmy Gets in Trouble at School

Jem gets home from school, but runs to the shed? Roger follows him. Listen this Roger lumberjack look is working for me. Roger in the 80s hits. Roger tries to get Jemmy to open up. Finally, Jemmy says he got in trouble at school! He tells Roger a kid told him, “Me, mama and Mandy were all going to burn in hell as papists.” So Big Jem clapped back in Gaelic. Then the teacher clapped Jemmy back literally! She hit him! So he used one of his GrandDa’s curses on her! Which one Jemmy? Tell us! Michael Defendis?! (Okay that’s not spelled correctly, but we’ve all heard Jamie Fraser say something like that). Jemmy goes on to say that the teacher called the headmaster. Then he hit Jemmy too! His poor little ear and hands. Roger. Do you want to handle this or shall we resurrect Claire and Jamie from the graveyard to kick their ass. Can you even imagine if they knew about this?! Jemmy asks Roger why it’s bad to speak Gaelic, and Roger assures him it’s not. Get Ghost Jamie to handle this Big Mac.

Battle of the Surgeons

Claire is dealing with a distraught patient who’s scared they’re all going to die, because her husband and son were killed. But Claire being the kind, angel, surgeon she is, says she’ll get something to help her rest. Then across the tent the Jerk Not-surgeon is yelling at Denzell. Claire walks over and introduces herself. Denzell and she will be best friends forever, I can tell. The Not-surgeon man yells at Claire to leave so they can work, but the patient asks if it’s true he will lose his foot, and Claire looks, sees it has gangrene and says yes. She asks what they were debating. Not-surgeon basically yells you don’t need to weigh in, woman! Can a cannon hit him too? Denzell explains what they were debating. At first, Claire agrees with the not-surgeon, but Denzell explains he believes the artery is in danger of rupturing, and Claire says, “You’re right!” See besties.

Caitríona Balfe, Joey Phillips, Tobi Bakare, and Daniel Gosling

Caitríona Balfe, Joey Phillips, Tobi Bakare, and Daniel Gosling
Starz/Robert Wilson

Claire explains they need to clean instruments in boiling water, and Denzell is so excited to have a new mentor. They basically outsmart and ignore the not-surgeon and make him leave. True joy. Denzell says he will perform the surgery, and Claire can assist. Not surgeon is so mad he takes his equipment and goes away. Um, smart surgeons, what you going to do?! You got no tools. Because that tool, took your tools. The gangrene foot guy is like please someone help me. Imagine if your doctors had a fight and then one of them just left the OR and stole all the medical tools and supplies. Hello, malpractice, sir. Thankfully, Denzell says he has his own and will ask his sister to fetch them and boiling water. Claire realizes she has a young surgeon to mentor and the way she looked at Marsali butchering that buffalo, with such glee, pales in comparison to this.

I want a Claire-Denzell best friend shirts now. What’s their bestie name? ClaireZell. Sounds like an allergy medication. But I’m fine with that because allergy medication makes people feel better, and so do they. Except that one guy they bullied out of their OR. No ClaireZell for him.

Jamie Goes Boom

Jamie is looking out in the distance with a telescope. What’s that fella up to? Oooh, couldn’t this telescope sort of double as a sperm microscope for Claire?! Just an idea! Hello. Don’t hate me because I have good ideas about science and sperm. Anyway, the real reason Jamie is playing, “I Spy with my little eye,” is he shows the General how they hauled a cannon out there. “If our men can do it, you can be sure Simon Fraser and his men will too!” Jamie has them shoot a cannon to prove a point. He proves it. But the General is mad. And won’t hear it. And then he yells at Jamie. The audacity! I hope that cannon gets him. This guy’s accent is very hit or miss…

Ian and Rachel

Ian returns and runs into Rachel. He thanks her for caring for William, and Rachel said William protected them on the road. He offers her his protection. Ian and Rachel do some more googly eyes. I like it. But I also didn’t hate Rachel and Wills googles and noodles. There were no noodles. But whatever they went through Willie’s first kill together. That’s intense. Rachel notices Ian has herbs in his pocket – or is he just excited to see her? Sorry. He explains it’s for her his Auntie Claire. Rachel is all, “Claire Fraser is your aunt!” She’s a Claire fan too. They’ll all be besties.

Meanwhile, Claire attends to their post-op patient. He tells her he and his wife fell in love because they both liked to dance. But he reveals they didn’t part on the best of terms. But thanks to Claire and Denzell he has a chance to put things right, he tells her. Why does this feel so doomed?

Brianna, Roger, Jem & Mandy

Brianna, Roger and the kids are having a cute little family dinner. Brianna tells them what happened at work, except it seems like the funniest most amazing story. Jem says, “You are really brave mama,” and they cheers, “Slainté!” It’s so cute but Brianna gets emotional. Roger and she go in the study and he asks her, “I thought you had a great day?”  Bree says, “No they did this to me because I’m a woman,” and bursts into tears. Aww, she was trying to make it a good story for the kids. She’s furious. Roger looks like he wants to crush them. Then Roger says, “I imagine that’s what it was like for your mother that first day at Harvard at medical school.” Awww. He tells her it won’t be easy. But you made it through today. Amazing. Roger rules. I said it. Why couldn’t they have written Roger like this always? Roger gives her a gift, in the hidden drawer he found in the desk. He gives her a pen. Wait, does that drawer mean something? What’s up with that? Roger and Bree start to kiss, and Roger’s hand is on her bum. Roger Mac Daddy. Trying to get dessert.

Blake Johnston-Miller and Rosa Morris

All of a sudden Mandy screams! Brogerblocked again! Jemmy and Mandy run in and Jemmy says, “I didn’t do anything,” and Mandy says she saw the “Nuckelavee,” and Roger says there were wrappers and bottles outside. What is going on why is Outlander trying to scare us. Roger goes out unarmed. Why?! He sees nothing, but someone is watching them. Eek. Did that send shivers up your spine? Yes. Yes, it did.

Jamie Fraser: “Told ya”

Back in the past the jerk General sees fire in the distance and realizes the soldiers are about to attack. Duh. Jamie told you! The General’s boss says, “How were we not prepared?!” Jamie steps forward and the little wanker General lies, and said we couldn’t have known. Um, slay him Jamie. The big general says everyone must evacuate. Jamie steps forward and says, “My men are already ready in the water.” YES Jamie!! That other general is lame. And was wrong and now everyone knows he stinks.

Big Bree Energy

Roger comes looking for Bree at home, and says, “The kids are glued to the tele, we have 15 mins!” Roger wants to get some. But Bree says, “Nope, something I have to do.” Poor Roger, Breeblocked this time. “No sex hat trick,” is what that’s called. Big Roger Mac got no MacLovin’. He puts on Bree’s construction hard hat and says, “I’ll be right here when you get back.” Brianna heads to the bar and sees her male colleagues. She sits with her men and says, “Who do you have to lock in a tunnel to get a drink around here.” Now that’s funny. They don’t think so. Rob Cameron who locked her in lightens up and asks to get a drink for her. Brianna tells him, “If you ever do that again, I’ll have you all fired. And don’t call me hen.” Yeah, gurl. But that Rob Cameron has negative energy. Something amiss about a man who locks a woman in a tunnel. Mark me.

Jamie & Claire Row Away

Jamie tells Claire they must evacuate. She is worried, and Jamie says, “We will bring as many as we can,” knowing she is only worried about her patient. Claire tells her patient, “I can’t take you with me.” Aw, poor guy. Claire leaves him laudanum, and says not to take too much. She left him a lot, he’s definitely going to take his own life. Is that why she left it?

Jamie, Claire, Denzell, Ian, Rachel escape by water in little row boats. Oooh this episode is getting good right as it closes. Meanwhile Brianna finally goes into the graveyard to see the rock pile Jem has made. She adds a rock. She talks to Jamie. She tells him she got a new job. And she’s the boss. And she tells him Roger and she bought Lallybroch, “Wish you and ma could see it,” then they fade out and she’s still chatting away. Awww can they please go back to the past …. But seriously who’s watching them?

Stand out performance this week goes to Sophie Skelton. Skelton is finally being given meaty material, that is links Brianna to her parents. The three of them will always be the heart, and the show is finally playing it, sadly after they have been separated.

Overall, Brianna and Roger’s 80s scenes were stellar and standout. Skelton’s daughter in mourning trying to keep on for her children, and Rankin’s Roger support will make you wonder why they didn’t write Roger like this all along.

Jamie and Claire’s scenes together were under 5 mins which is a miss for a show with a limited amount of time left. The audience craves those scenes between Balfe and Heughan. They tune in for those subtle moments between Jamie and Claire more than scenes of a war general yelling at Jamie about stuff Jamie is right about. Give us Claire and Jamie’s apple cheese kissing party over the silly cannon man any day. Twitter fan @vivianelynne tweeted the pic of Jamie looking through his telescope: “Me trying to find Jamie and Claire in this episode!” Twitter fan @displaceintime said it with a Claire gif.

The strongest scene in this episode emotionally was between Claire and Ian. Balfe and Bell always have such warmth, a little snark, playfulness, but at the core such a beautiful relationship between an aunt and nephew that we don’t see very often on television.

Next week’s episode. Twitter fan @alohamarie put it best: “Je suis NOT ready.” And to that we say, “C’est exact.” Correct. Jamie and Claire are at war. And there are only 3 episodes left after this was. Time flies when Jamie and Claire are at war, again. And Roger looks like he’s training for a marathon, or chasing someone. I wish for the marathon, I know it is not that.

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