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It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since the death of Ivana Trump after a tragic fall down a staircase in her New York City townhouse. Now, her BFF, former TV host Nikki Haskell is recalling the final conversation she had with her friend and how it still haunts her to this day.  

Revealing that she’s been “very angry” about Trump’s death “for a long time” to People, Haskell shared that she told her friend she needed live-in help only the day before she died. “I said, ‘God forbid you fall down those stairs,’” she explained. “She didn’t want anyone there; she didn’t think she needed security. She just wanted to be left alone. So when someone called to tell me she’d died, I immediately asked, ‘Did she fall down the stairs?’ I was very angry about it for a long time. This shouldn’t have happened.” 

Haskell only has warm memories of her friend, who she described as “the most positive, most fun, most electrifying woman that I’d ever met.” She continued, “She was always up for an adventure. People forget that she used to be a champion skier and was always very athletic. She was also a great mother, and just great fun all around.” However, the lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic sent her into a tailspin, and she rarely left her house. 

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Other friends like socialite Vivian Serota told Vanity Fair that she confronted Donald Trump at her gravesite and reminded him of how he just discarded her beloved friend for Marla Maples. “You broke her heart. She loved you; she still loved you, and I know you loved her. You could have been the couple of the century,” she said to the former president. “You made a mistake.” Donald Trump reportedly had no response because he knew that Ivanka’s death at 73 was just that sad.

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