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IO Interactive Brighton Shoreline

From IO down to Brighton

IO Interactive has announced that they’ve got new digs. They’ve opened a studio in Brighton, United Kingdom to assist with their titles, Project 007, Project Fantasy, and HITMAN.

According to the press release, the IO Interactive Brighton team is “already in place” and “located in the heart of Brighton on the beautiful south coast of England.” Most notably, they point out that having a studio actually in the UK is very appropriate when it comes to helping with Project 007.

IO Interactive Brighton joins the current studios located in Copenhagen, Malmö, Barcelona, and Istanbul.

“We are extremely proud and excited to open our next studio in Brighton, where we see enormous potential to expand our incredible team and attract the very best talent from the exciting UK development scene,” said Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive. ”We’re eager to expand our operations to new shores and believe that IOI Brighton is an extremely appealing destination for developers of all crafts.”

The press release also mentions one of their previous titles, Freedom Fighters, and refers to it as a “franchise.” It’s probably worth noting that there was only one game in the Freedom Fighters series, and that was released back in 2003. But since IO Interactive split with Square-Enix, they’ve hinted at wanting to return to it. We can only hope.

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