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Testimony from Donald Trump’s own son-in-law could play a key role in the Department of Justice’s investigation into the former President’s role in the January 6 attack in 2021. According to reports, Jared Kushner, the husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka, testified before a grand jury along with other witnesses in recent weeks in relation to Trump’s alleged attempts to subvert the 2020 presidential election.

According to The New York Times, witnesses were asked whether Trump had ever privately acknowledged that he lost the election while continuing to push a public narrative that it was “rigged.” Kushner, who served as a White House senior advisor during Trump’s term, reportedly testified that he was under the impression that his father-in-law truly believed the election was stolen from him.

However, Newsweek reports that Kushner’s testimony may still play a role in the former President getting convicted. Kushner allegedly provided key testimony as part of the probe into whether Trump and his allies defrauded the American public by seeking donations to challenge the election results in courts while potentially knowing that President Biden had won fairly.

Lisa Rubin, an attorney and legal analyst, took to Twitter to explain Kushner’s potential role in the investigation. She wrote: “Jared Kushner’s testimony before a federal grand jury is significant for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it suggests the fundraising prong of the 1/6 investigation is very much live.”

“Other than Trump & [Trump adviser] Jason Miller, no one was more involved in post-election fundraising and related messaging than Jared. As ad guru Larry Weitzner told the 1/6 committee, the small circle working on post-election ads included Miller, [former Republican House Speaker] Newt Gingrich, Trump’s pollster & Jared,” Rubin continued in her tweet.

Kushner allegedly played a key role in attempting to convey a message to the American public that the election had been stolen. Timothy Heaphy, former lead investigator to the January 6 committee, spoke to MSNBC to explain that Justice Department Special counsel Jack Smith, who is overseeing the investigation, likely sought to quiz Kushner on this messaging.

United States President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump return to the White House in Washington, DC following their overseas trip. 27 May 2017

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“The Trump campaign pivoted to a fundraising operation, and Jared Kushner was right in the center of the strategy of mining the false narrative for repeated cash contributions of up to $250 million after the election,” Heaphy said. “So, to the extent Jack Smith is looking into campaign fundraising based on these false statements of election fraud, Jared Kushner would have information about that as well.”

In short, investigators will likely need witnesses confirming on record that Trump knew the election was not rigged so if Kushner may have alluded anything to that effect it could spell trouble for his wife’s dad. Daniel Zelenko, a partner at the firm Crowell & Moring and a former federal prosecutor told The New York Times, “Having those words put in front of a jury gives them more importance and makes them more consequential.”

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