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Justice is coming, Call Of Duty style

The official Call Of Duty Twitter account has just announced Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir — some of the stars from the hit Amazon tv series The Boys — will come to Call Of Duty in Season 4 (of the game, not the show).

To the cheaters out there mad at COD for rolling out the red carpet to three actual superhumans a week after applying new and hilarious anti-cheating measures, this isn’t that big of a deal. Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir have some neat cosmetics, but they join the season as regular operators. Don’t expect anything like the ultra-powerful Thanos mode or Goku’s Kamehameha from Fortnite.

Instead of abilities such as flight and super strength that we see some of the heroes use on the show, they’ll only come equipped with a custom loadout and with some cool finishing moves.

The three heroes will each feature in a different bundle that costs 2400 COD points. Each bundle will feature a lot of cosmetics and three tracer weapon blueprints. Still, be warned: they’ll only show their true powers when using their finishing moves.

But that’s not where The Boys’ influence over COD Season 4 Reloaded stops

Instead of having a few heroes completely dominating everyone in Warzone, Season 04 Reloaded will borrow a few perks from the show and make them available for everyone. The show is now supplying COD with “Temp V”, a dubious drug that will help any operator gain superpowers for a while.

Upon consuming the drug, operators will randomly gain one out of four special abilities.

  • Charge jump allows players to jump across the map. They receive no fall damage, and deal area damage to any enemies in close proximity.
  • Electric Shockwave will allow players to cast electricity blasts that will damage both enemies and enemy vehicles.
  • Laser Vision will allow players to temporarily gain Homelander’s most feared power. They will get to levitate and laser-fry enemies but at the cost of becoming vulnerable to backfire.
  • Teleport will allow operators to immediately move in whatever direction they’re facing (think Dishonored’s blinking). This is great to either get the jump on enemies or to escape a fight. This ability seemingly has no downsides.

Temp V will be present in all Warzone playlists and DMZ, but not in ranked play.

Starlight’s bundle is scheduled to come out on July 12, Homelander’s will arrive on July 16, and Black Noir’s is coming on July 20.

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