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When part of your job is looking amazing in designer ensembles at events, chances are that every once in a while, a snafu will happen. Now, we love red carpet fashion — we can’t get enough of the designer gowns and beautiful hair looks. Whether it be during an interview or at an awards show, sometimes disaster can happen. But never underestimate the pros, they’re professionals for a reason and many times — celebrities handle the dreaded wardrobe malfunctions with grace.

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Here’s the thing: wardrobe malfunctions happen, we’re all only human and we shouldn’t let a nip slip be the end of the world for a celebrity’s career. The past month alone in March 2022, we’ve seen stars like Salma Hayek and Camila Cabello joke about their wardrobe malfunctions — not letting the haters or awful headlines get to them. For years, we’ve seen it happen.

It’s 2022, we’re going to celebrate those who handled this dreaded situation with class, grace, and humor.

From Janet Jackson to Kate Middleton (yes, even royalty have a wardrobe malfunction every once in a while!), these celebrities know how to handle any issue with grace and poise. Check out all the celebrities who handled wardrobe malfunctions gracefully below.

A version of this article was originally published on March 2022. 

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