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Heavy metal music can jump into a fantastic classical feel, all while capturing a beautiful and catchy melody. Let’s look at some of the top 12 heavy metal keyboardists in the world today to highlight this.

From influential pioneers to underrated musicians, this list highlights the contributions and skills of these best heavy metal keyboardists of all time.

Best Metal Keyboardists
When it comes to the best metal keyboardists, you might be surprised by the range of talent and diversity in playing styles that these musicians bring to the genre.

The world of metal keyboardists is filled with individuals who’ve significantly contributed to the music. They’ve shaped their respective bands’ sound and inspired other musicians to incorporate keyboards into their music.

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Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess – Image Credit: Spotify
As a progressive metal band Dream Theater member, Jordan Rudess has significantly impacted the genre with his technical and unique approach to playing the keyboard.

Rudees was recently featured on Pianote’s YouTube channel, where he tackled the famous “Empire State Of Mind,” it was a treat to watch him figure this track out and add his brilliance.

His virtuosic skills and knowledge to mix classical, jazz, and rock elements into his playing have earned him a reputation as one of the best in the industry. Rudess is known for his lightning-fast fingerwork, complex melodic lines, and skills to create intricate textures and atmospheres with his keyboard.


His contributions to Dream Theater’s music have helped shape the band’s sound and have solidified his place as a highly respected and influential metal keyboardist.

Mustis, the former keyboardist of the Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir, is known for his haunting and atmospheric keyboard compositions. His contributions to the band’s sound were significant, adding a layer of darkness and atmosphere to their music.

Mustis displayed impressive technical skills, mastering various keyboard instruments and utilizing them to create complex melodies and solos. His playing style was innovative, pushing the boundaries of black metal music and adding a unique element to Dimmu Borgir’s sound.

Mustis’ compositions influenced the genre, inspiring other musicians to incorporate keyboards. Black metal and keyboard-obsessive music fans continue to celebrate and appreciate his atmospheric keyboard work.

Janne Wirman
Janne Wirman, the keyboardist of Children of Bodom, is known for his exceptional talent and contributions to the band’s unique sound. His technical skills and innovative playing style have made him a standout keyboardist in the metal genre.

Wirman’s skills to seamlessly blends heavy riffs with intricate keyboard melodies adds depth and complexity to Children of Bodom’s music. His precise and fast-paced playing has become a trademark of the band’s sound, elevating their songs to new heights.

In addition to his keyboard skills, Wirman also brings a strong sense of melody and atmosphere to the band’s music. His contributions have been crucial in shaping the overall sound and impact of Children of Bodom.

Jens Johansson
Jens Johansson
Jens Johansson
Jens Johansson is widely considered as one of the most talented and influential metal keyboardists of all time. With his exceptional technical skills and innovative playing style, Johansson has left a lasting impact on the genre.

As a member of bands such as Stratovarius and Yngwie Malmsteen, he’s showcased on the keyboard, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in metal music. Johansson’s skills to seamlessly blend classical influences with heavy metal has set him apart from other keyboardists.

His fast and intricate solos and complex chord progressions have become trademarks of his playing. Johansson’s contributions to the metal keyboardist community have solidified his place as a true legend in the genre.

Michael Pinnella
Michael Pinnella
Michael Pinnella
Michael Pinnella‘s exceptional skills and unique playing style have significantly impacted the genre.

Pinnella’s innovative keyboard-playing approach sets him apart. He constantly pushes the boundaries of what can be done with the instrument, exploring new sounds and effects.

As a member of Symphony X, Pinella has played a crucial role in shaping the band’s sound. His keyboard work adds depth, atmosphere, and ambiance to their music.


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