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There really isn’t a Hollywood love story quite like that of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. The couple, who connected on the set of the 1984 film Swing Shift, has been together for roughly 40 years. But they’ve never felt the need to tie the knot. During a recent interview, Hawn was asked why she and Russell aren’t married after decades together, and there’s a lot to appreciate about her thoughtful response.

While chatting with CNN‘s Chris Wallace, Hawn was posed the question (yet again) regarding her relationship with Russell. “Why aren’t the two of you married?” Wallace asked. After some consideration, Hawn responded with her own inquiry: “Why should we be? Isn’t that a better question?” But Wallace continued to ask, and Hawn shared her thoughts not on only marriage, but also divorce.

“When it doesn’t work out, it ends up to be big business,” the Oscar winner said. “It’s always ugly,” she went on. “Somebody actually has to take a look and say, ‘How many divorces actually are fun? How many divorces actually don’t cost money? How many divorces actually make you hate the person more than you did before? How many divorces have hurt children?’”

To that end, Hawn has no interest in marrying her longtime partner, even though it doesn’t look like they’ll be going their separate ways any time soon. And even still, determining whether or not their relationship is still working is something that’s always front-of-mind for Hawn. “I like the idea that I can wake up in the morning and make decisions every day if I want to be here,” she said, in reference to her relationship. Russell and Hawn, who’ve each endured divorces from past spouses, have a romance that works for them. At the end of the day, that’s one of the most important qualities to strive for in a relationship.

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