Game Review-Tsunami Old

Here is yet another derivative of SPACE INVADERS. This one is actually 12 games in 1; selectable from a menu that also lets you turn the sound off and choose either paddle. Each game consists of a sequence of “attacks” with the aliens coming at you in a different pattern each time. Most of the games use eight attack patterns (which repeat predictably); but some use sixteen. They may move horizontally, they may bounce, jitter, or weave sine wave patterns. Sometimes the only danger is from bombs they drop, while at other times they come at you like kamikazes. At other times the aliens have defensive barriers which protect them from your shots; sort of like SPACE INVADERS in reverse.

While the difficulty level ranges from very easy to moderate, things are complicated by the presence of a timer. If time runs out, you lose your base anyway so you have to be quick! The timer resets for each new wave, with any time left on the timer after you shoot the last alien converted into bonus points. Although you can always abort the game with RETURN or the spacebar, there is no pause function. I don’t see this as a drawback since you always get a pause between attacks. Perhaps more important is the inability to play the game without a paddle.

What is most interesting about TSUNAMI is the fact that the actions of the aliens are similar to a number of different arcade games that fall in the SPACE INVADER family. The player will recognize several familiar patterns in the various attack patterns of TSUNAMI. Some of those that will occur are: Centipede, Space Invaders, Galaxies, and Circus. For those who like “Invader” games, TSUNAMI will be of great interest due to its variety and professional quality.

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