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So, this revelation either shocks you to your core, or you’re not at all surprised — there is no in-between. But what you read is correct: the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump have twinned with their style over the years.

Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump

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Whether accidentally or on purpose, that’s for them and their stylists to know, and for us to scratch our heads at.

On June 12, the Trump Card author went viral for donning the turquoise version of the exact caped Jenny Packham sequinned dress that Kate wore in Sept 2021 for the premiere of No Time to Die. And that got us thinking: are there more times that this unlikely pair has matched over the years?

The short answer: there have been quite a few times.

Now, your knee-jerk reaction is probably something along the lines of “Oh, Ivanka must be copying Kate’s style,” and well, you wouldn’t be 100 percent right on that. In fact, with a few of these dresses, Ivanka was the one to wear the dress years beforehand. Shocking, we know, but the proof is there (and time-stamped)!

While Ivanka opts for more loose-fitting clothing, Kate goes for more figure-hugging ensembles. But this stark difference doesn’t mean they don’t have the same fashion sense. Whether it was rocking an extremely similar, colorful ensemble to wearing the exact same dress only years apart, there are more instances than you may think.

Check out every time Ivanka and the Princess of Wales accidentally twinned with their looks below:

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