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It’s the first new class in the world of Diablo in nine years

The highlight of the recent Diablo Developer Update was certainly the reveal of Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant. However, Diablo Immortal also got some big news with the unveiling of a brand new class. The Blood Knight is the first new class in the entire Diablo franchise since the release of Diablo III‘s Crusader in 2014.

Diablo Immortal certainly isn’t for everyone. But despite launching with an extremely predatory monetization system, the mobile-focused action-RPG still went on to make over $500 million in just one year. Surprisingly, the Blood Knight will be free and accessible to everyone when it releases on July 13.

Screenshot via Activision Blizzard/Twitch

Become a Blood Knight in Diablo Immortal

Once the new update releases on July 13, you will be able to play as a Blood Knight regardless of your progress in Diablo Immortal. You have three ways of playing the polearm-wielding class. First, you can create an all-new character starting as a Blood Knight. Second, you have the option of utilizing a new and improved Class Change feature to transfer your existing character into a Blood Knight. For the first three weeks after release there will only be a one-day cooldown on this feature. Finally, you are able to partake in a three-week-long event called the Crimson Plane. The Crimson Plane is a roguelike area that that’s you try out a variety of Blood Knight skills and Legendary Items to see if the class is for you.

The Blood Knight looks to be heavily focused on its life-steal attacks. Blizzard admits the class isn’t the most mobile—although there are Legendary Essences to improve that—but its life-stealing ability allows it to remain in close-quarters combat for an extended period of time. The combat style of the Blood Knight is described as a melee hybrid. Furthermore, they have a unique transformative skill. Once fully charged, the skill can be unleashed giving you a whole new skill bar including a new primary attack.

Diablo Immortal transformation skill
Screenshot via Activision Blizzard/Twitch

There’s more to come in the Blood Knight patch

Alongside the actual Blood Knight class, more is coming to Diablo Immortal in the update. Most of it revolves around the new class, but not all of it. 60 new class-specific Legendary Items are coming as well as a brand new Legendary Gem. The new Spiteful Blood Legendary Gem is somewhat similar to a berserker effect. When taking damage while below 50% health, your damage done is increased. You also receive an absorb shield when triggering this effect.

Overall I have to admit, the class looked pretty cool in the gameplay segments they showed off. I personally have no interest in returning to Diablo Immortal, but I’m sure those that can look past its pay-to-win elements will have some fun with the Blood Knight. For me, I can only hope Diablo 4 eventually gets a cool new class like this.

Assume the mantle of the Blood Knight when it releases in Diablo Immortal on July 13.

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