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There have to be a lot of perks to being a supermodel. Walking the most exclusive runways in the world; wearing gorgeous clothes nearly everywhere you go — we totally see the appeal. But there are certain elements of the lifestyle that are real drawbacks. Just ask Cindy Crawford. The longtime model revealed in a new interview what her least favorite part of her supermodel days was, and it doesn’t shock us one bit.

In a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, Crawford opened up about the height of her career roughly three decades ago. “The ’90s were so fun,” she told the outlet. “I was single, and I loved living in New York. I miss some of the people, because I chose to live in LA, and a lot of my fashion friends still live in New York. But I get to check in when I’m in town.”

Then again, there were certain parts of that time that Crawford really detested. “Being on a plane all the time and being away from my family” was the biggest drawback for Crawford, and an elemental of that lifestyle she genuinely does not miss. “But that’s it, because it really was great. I had fun.”

Crawford was a cover girl through and though in the ’90s. But since that time, she’s chosen to focus on her family. Her kids are already following in her footsteps, and Crawford’s lookalike daughter Kaia — whom she shares with husband of 25 years Rande Gerber — has already made a name for herself in the modeling world. With the Apple TV+ series The Supermodels on the way, we’re sure Crawford will reveal even more about those pivotal years in her life and career.

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