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A remake of Code Veronica, anyone?

Just a few weeks ago, Capcom asked if fans would like more Resident Evil remakes. The survey’s over now, but it seems the studio is wondering whether it should continue bringing back older entries in its iconic survival horror series. It’s a pretty lucrative venture, after all.

Taking that a tiny step further, a recent general shareholder meeting with Capcom shows that there may be some spinoff remakes being considered. In the summary document (as spotted by GamesRadar), a question is asked about whether the company will be “providing high-end visual remakes of only the main numbered entries in the Resident Evil series?”

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The answer is a resounding…well, it’s hard to say.

Capcom responds to this question by saying they will be “carrying out discussions regarding the future expansion of this series so it can be enjoyed by a wide audience.” This isn’t technically a yes, but it seems the company is possibly considering remakes of non-numbered RE installments.

Or perhaps Umbrella Chronicles is more your thing…

Aside from the mainline entries, Resident Evil enjoys a number of spinoffs. Chief among them is Code Veronica (something a lot of fans would like to see make a comeback), Revelations 1 and 2, Umbrella Chronicles, Outbreak, and more. Given this list, it’s not as if Capcom will be stuck when it comes to remake potential.

With the success of this year’s Resident Evil 4, it wouldn’t be surprising if more reimaginings were in the pipeline. But aside from RE5, there isn’t really anywhere else for the main series to go unless it’s a brand-new entry. Games 6, 7, and 8 are fairly new in the grand scheme of things, so it doesn’t seem to make sense to do remakes of them.

At the very least, Capcom has some options, so we’ll see what the company has to say about whether or not it wants to give one of the many Resident Evil spinoffs a second run.

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