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Kate Middleton’s latest outing on July 6 to the Outsourcing Inc Royal Charity Polo Cup has been a huge talking point among royal fans. Not only were people talking about whether or not she and Prince William’s PDA moment was robotic or passionate, but everyone was talking about the new blue and white Beulah London dress.

While many people talked about how Ivanka Trump wore the exact look three years prior, just as many are wondering if this dress (which is a total 180 from her usual looks) signals a change in her. Well, body language expert Darren Stanton on behalf of Betfair Slots gave royal fans some answers on both of those inquiries.

In a recent interview with spoke to Express that this dress choice symbolized more than what people thought. This new, relaxed dress coupled with her smiling, cheering, and drinking throughout the day shows she’s being more “carefree.”

“This is a real switch for Kate. We have never seen her wear this type of dress before. It’s very light and summery, it’s a switch from her normal colors,” Stanton said. “This reflects that she’s feeling relaxed and carefree. We can see lots of positive smiles from her. She is genuinely happy to be out and about at the event.”

Stanton also noticed a change in the Princess of Wales’ body language when she was with William. “Kate does seem to be more confident than William with owning the room, and she’s very tactile with him,” he said. “He was seen touching his arm and his elbow, and William reciprocated that as he didn’t hold back from being affectionate, but respectful with her in public.”

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“The pair kissed each other’s cheeks, with Kate giving William’s arm a cheeky squeeze. The way they mirror each other perfectly shows how real their connection is,” Stanton continued on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ body language throughout their short, PDA-filled interaction. “Kate’s smile as William kissed her on the cheek was a complete passion from her side. He makes her light up. The arm squeeze is also very telling of their relationship. You don’t let just anyone hug you or hold you like that. Hugs like that are from those who know you inside and out.”

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So there you have it, body language experts just dropped how Kate and William were probably feeling on that headline-making day!

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