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The future of Deus Ex is…uncertain

Things are still in the air with regard to a new Deus Ex being on the horizon. However, even if there is one in the pipeline, it’s possible that the voice actor behind Human Revolution and Mankind Divided‘s Adam Jensen may not be in it.

In a recent post on Twitter, Elias Toufexis, who provides the gravelly voice for the previous two entries’ augmented protagonist, said that he’s busy at the moment and is excited to “show you the amazing games I’m working on.” He then adds that one of the projects he’s involved with is under an NDA, otherwise known as a non-disclosure agreement.

However, when questioned by user 0ldSnak3 about whether the NDA refers to an as-yet-unannounced Deus Ex game, Toufexis denies it, saying that no one has been in touch with him about a new entry in the dormant series.

What’s known about a potential new Deus Ex game?

As it stands, all we can say is that a Deux Ex game may be in development. However, there’s been no official word on that front. Toufexis’ tweet could mean that Eidos Montreal is simply not doing another game, or it could be that the voice actor and/or Adam Jensen won’t return in any new entries.

It goes without saying that any hard info on a new Deus Ex is just speculation. If a new installment is being made, Toufexis doesn’t appear to know anything about it. As for what else the voice actor is currently working on, well he’s not saying much about those, either. The tweet posted on National Video Game Day jokingly refers to the other projects as being “confidential” or “redacted,” so these will remain a mystery as well.

Given that the last game in the series was 2017’s Mankind Divided, a lot of fans have been hoping for a new entry. Six years may not be a long time, but Deux Ex seemed to be in a pretty good place, so it wouldn’t make sense for Eidos to simply leave the franchise on the table.

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