6 Emotional Reasons Voters Vote As They Do!

Many people tend to over – simplify the motivations of American voters! They often, seem, to look at candidates, etc, in terms of black – and – white, when, in reality, there are often, many shades of gray! We often witness, pre – election polls show, far – different results, than those, which, truly, count! Both, before elections, and after results, are disclosed, many wonder, what happened, and why, yet, rarely learn any lessons, and repeat the same mistakes, over – and – over, again! There are so – many reasons, voters vote, as they do, but this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 essential, emotional reasons, individuals vote, as they do!

1. Fear of minorities: Segments of many religious books, warn us, against the dangers, and mistakes, of proceeding, with xenophobia, yet it seems, the fear of minorities, and, so – called, dangers of foreign influences, and foreigners, influence voting choices! Although, this nation, was founded as a Melting Pot, it doesn’t seem to matter, to many individuals! Former – President Donald Trump appeared to have realized, how to make us of this, to his political advantage, often, articulating a message, blaming and complaining, a variety of minorities, and foreigners, for everything which he believed, would serve his personal/ political advantage, and/ or, self – interest, and articulating, statements, such as, Bad Hombres, etc, seemed to have inspired some, and brought – out, their fears and hatred!

2. Racial prejudice, and antisemitism/ hate crimes: In recent years, we have witnessed, apparently, more hate crimes, than anytime, in recent memory! Whether, they feel, better about themselves, by behaving this way, or, if, their racial prejudice, justifies (in their heads), systemic racism, and antisemitism, it certainly is not, the American Way!

3. Believing empty rhetoric and promises: Pete Townsend created the famous lyrics, Can’t be fooled again, yet many Americans continue voting, based on the often – empty rhetoric, lies, distortions, and promises, articulated by certain candidates, rather than taking the time, and/ or, making the effort, to demand viable solutions, which are relevant, and sustainable!

4. Over – simplifying issues: Too many seek to think and consider matters, in terms of black – and – white, instead of considering true priorities, and what is most relevant, sustainable, and the potential ramifications, into the future! Many voters pay little attention to what’s needed, and necessary, and vote, based, solely on the degree of populist messaging and politics!

5. Blame and Complain. instead of solutions: The inherent dangers of accepting and resorting to blaming and complaining, instead of, proactively, addressing obstacles/ challenges, in a timely basis, and perceiving and conceiving of the truly, best – path forward, endangers the future of our nation, etc!

6. Seeking path of least resistance, instead of best path, forward: Too many people seek the path of least resistance, and enjoying to remain within the self – imposed restrictions of their personal comfort zone, accepting the path of least resistance, instead of pursuing the best path, forward!

Unfortunately, many vote, based on emotional factors, rather than the greater good! Until/ unless, we begin, prioritizing, seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good, and proceeding with an open – mind, willing to compromise, in a more pragmatic manner, our way of life, is at – risk.

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