10 Ways for Unknown Musicians to Get the Word Out

When Clear Channel controls the radio and the monopoly review does not like you, how do you win over new cult?

The good news there are numerous, numerous ways. Then are ten of my pets.

1. Approach a original council or indispensable radio station or community access string television station with a programming idea, like a live tunesmith show. Other musicians will want to be a part of your show, and you will make an followership for your own music– and theirs.

2. Write CD or musicale reviews for a original volition( or mainstream) paper.

3. Give clones of your CD down to public radio and television stations for their fund drive decorations.

4. Organize, publicize, and perform at charity events for your favorite causes.

5. Lead songwriting or performing shops in the seminaries( these are generally paying gigs, and all the parents hear your name). Invite some of the kiddies to perform with you; they are sure to bring a bunch of cousins along who’ll pay for their tickets and perhaps buy a CD.

6. Advertise your gigs in every community timetable. journals, magazines, radio stations, community web spots, string television stations– they all run event rosters. Type out one paragraph that includes a label line about what you do, similar as” Sandy Songwriter, River City’s’ Homegrown Bono,’ will perform labor songs and love ditties at The Trombone Shop, 444 4th road in Downtown River City, Wednesday, January 15, 7p.m.” If admission is free or there is a charity connection, say so. Include contact phone number ande-mail.

7. Find Internet discussion groups related to your cause. Whether it’s immigration, voting reform, peace, safe energy, the right tochoose.there will be discussion groups online. Post responses and include a” sig”– a short on- line business card. Use different sigs for different purposes. Then is one of mine( in a reale-mail, it would be single- zonked)

8. Set up a simple low- cost website. Include a couple of sound clips, filmland of you performing, a place for people to subscribe up for your addict newsletter, a link to your favorite musicians, and, of course, your stint schedule and gig vacuity.

9. Get exposure on other people’s websites. Write CD reviews, plump their music with a blurb, submit papers on the original musicscene.and always include your contact information and a statement that encourages people to visit your point.

10. Use the letters columns. Call in to talk shows. Post dispatches to Webforums.in short, use every feedback tool you have to spread the word.

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